Thursday, July 17, 2008

Synergy Like an M-Fer!

Something About So You Think You Can Dance:

I forgot to mention this in the earlier post, but it needs to be said: last night's episode featured Journey's "Open Arms," Enrique Iglesias's "Hero," and Michael Jackson's "Jam."

I love that show.

Something About the Emmys:

Here are the nomineed for Outstanding Host For A Reality Show:

Ryan Seacrest -- American Idol
Tom Bergeron -- Dancing With The Stars
Howie Mandel -- Deal Or No Deal
Heidi Klum -- Project Runway
Jeff Probst -- Survivor

So I guess the Emmys' love affair with The Amazing Race doesn't extend to Phil Keoghan. That's too bad, because this list is for shit. Though it does make it pretty easy to root for Heidi Klum. If Ryan Seacrest gets an Emmy, I swear to god. Good news: Tyra didn't get nominated. Bad news: neither did Cat Deeley.

Something About both So You Think You Can Dance and the Emmys:

I bring you the Emmy nominations for Outstanding Choreography:

Dancing With The Stars
Routine: Mambo / 'Para Los Rumberos'
Julianne Hough, Choreographer

High School Musical 2
Kenny Ortega, Choreographer
Charles Klapow, Choreographer
Bonnie Story, Choreographer

So You Think You Can Dance
Routine: Hummingbird and Flower / 'The Chairman's Waltz
Wade Robson, Choreographer

So You Think You Can Dance
Routine: Transformers / 'Fuego'
Shane Sparks, Choreographer

So You Think You Can Dance
Routine: Table / 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)'
Mandy Moore, Choreographer

Dude, my favorite routine of last season got nominated! Awesome. Go Mandy Moore!


jam said...

I just cannot BELIEVE Cat Deeley didn't get a nod for host. That there's a travesty.

jessica said...

Howie Mandel?? I mean, as far as hosting goes I think Tom Bergeron is great and Ryan Seacrest does a great job, but Jeff Probst does nothing but repeat the same trite bullshit every week and Howie Mandel ... is ridiculous.

Go Heidi and all, but Cat Deeley is THE BEST reality show host on television.