Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Thursday: Top 8

Hrm. The judges seemed to like this week's general output better than last week's, and I'm totally the opposite. Last week had 3-5 dances that I thought were absolutely astounding, while this week boasted maybe one or two that were on that level.

Also? Kind of over the "fer real" hand gesture thingie. Sorry. Have I gone sour after Gev's booting?

Courtney and Will
Samba (Jean-Marc Generaux)
Okay, I officially don't like Will. I can no longer deny it. If Courtney couldn't bring something, anything out of him, I have to figure it's just a lost cause, him and me. But objectively, he's a bad partner. I don't think this can be denied. Of the four men remaining, he does the least for the girl he's dancing with. Yet he gets away with stuff that Mark (or Matt or Twitch) never did.

"Slow" Hip-Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
Is this the new name for the emo hip-hop N&T have been doing? I've loved it the two previous times they've done this (Katee & Josh's "No Air" and Mark & Chelsie's "Bleeding Love"), but whether it was the Will Effect tainting me or what, I thought this routine was boring as hell. There was none of the emotion the other two had and it just fell terribly flat.

Twitch and Katee
Contemporary (Mia Michaels)
Great to see that Mia can do fun and funny as well as overwrought and emotional. This made me laugh in a good way. A lot of it looked like wrestling moves, actually, which added to the comedy, for me.

Broadway (Tyce Diorio)
Another fun routine, if a bit forgettable. Katee kind of has a touch of the same problem I have with Will -- I can't ever seem to connect with her emotionally, and she never truly excites me on her own. But these two made for a strong pair.

Mark and Comfort
Hip-Hop (Tabitha and Napoleon)
Wow, they paired Mark with Comfort? Uh...nice to know you, Mark. Why you gotta make me paranoid like this, show? Anyway, loved the routine, though I wish they'd given Mark more to do, because he was totally up for it.

Foxtrot (Jean-Mark Generaux)
It was bad, but not as godawful as the judges made it out to be. But, again, this is what happens when you saddle Mark with Comfort, who has proven again and again to be for shit with ballroom.

Chelsie and Joshua
Argentine Tango (Dmitry)
The two best dancers left in the competition, if you ask me. And wow, Dmitry looks so much like Olivier Martinez. Funny how Chelsie has this combative brother/sister relationship with all the guys the partners with. As for the dance, it wasn't perfection, but Chelsie's aces at this and Josh has chemistry with everyone.

Disco (Doriana Sanchez)
Almost every disco routine on this show is bad. This one wasn't, and all due credit to Josh and Chelsie for that. Some of those lifts got me effing frightened for Chelsie, but all the more exhilarated when they pulled them off.


Nothing too notable or mind-blowing. Courtney's was the best, but it was very similar to last week's. Will certainly threw us for a loop , what with the clothes and all. Good to see Mark back to his old, goofy, confident self. And he was a theatre kid? Go fig! How cute was his little routine with Cat? And have I talked about this show's weird relationship with Celine Dion and how it's affected my life? One of these days...

Best routine: Mark and Comfort's hip-hop (with Chelsie and Josh's tango a close second)

Bottom 4 predictions: Mark, Comfort, Courtney, and Will

Eliminated: Mark and Comfort


Kathryn said...

I am totally paranoid about the Mark/Comfort pairing, especially since all the judge's comments seemed particularly rehearsed (more than usual, I guess). I thought they did great with the hip hop, and it seemed like the judges weren't expecting them to do well, so they had to alter their previously written negative comments and just say, "Oh, you did a fine job".

I miss Shane Sparks.

Mertseger said...

So all it took was a wig to give Will a personality? Who knew? Let's get him in more wigs. Problem solved.

Mary is working my last nerve. Who knows if the show read the TWoP boards in Season 1 before it was recapped, but I was a huge booster of Mary's. Now, if we could only get her to go one show without a shriek, a "fakeout", or an overworked catch-phrase then, perhaps, we might be able to get back to enjoying her expertise on dance in general and ballroom in particular. I know that contractual momentum generally makes such changes impossible, but right now I'd infinitely rather see Lil' C in the second chair for future seasons.

I honestly did not see Will's performance in the Samba because Courtney was way too hot to look away from. I too felt nothing from their lyrical hip-hop. I think the show has explored grief just tad too frequently, and it's hard to live up to Mia's Dead Dad-Apolooza. It's certainly a legitimate matter for dance, but if they go to that well too often, they risk the maudlin, the mawkish and the cheese.

I creamed when the show united Katee, Twitch and then the two with Mia in rapid succession. And they all delivered. It was not the most technically demanding dance (Steps? We don't need no stinkin' steps.), but Mia always seems to get the dancers to go interesting place internally and them express what they find there.

I was not as enthused by Chelsie and Josh as you were. I thought the Disco was downright sloppy though the lifts were amazing. The Tango did not do much for me either. And I'd give anything to see Chelsie get out of her vertical axis in a solo. Plie, arabesque, jette, get low and krunk, do the wurm, whatever: just bend at the waist at some point somewhere in your routine, Chelsie!

And, as always, poor Mark. You never got the opportunities that you deserved. We'll miss you.

Anonymous said...

Can I talk about how much I hated Toni Basil? I'm not a Mary fan, but I usually just suffer through. Toni? I had to mute. When she said Twitch was "more authentic" because he's "from the street" I officially wanted to punch her. Worst judge ever.

On the upside, everyone did really well tonight. The Mia routine was the standout for me, and the Mark-Comfort hip hop was fab.

OleNelson said...

Pleasepleasepleaseplease let it be Will that goes home and not Marc. As you note, Courtney could have effective chemistry with a half-dead houseplant, yet there wasn't much there in either of her routines with Will.

And seriously? A sleaveless mesh shirt? After three solid weeks of shameless shirtlessness? I kinda hate him, so I'm going to assume that it was his odious choice and not that of a costumer.

kaitlyn said...

mootpoint, if you muted Toni Basil, you might not have noticed, but I felt like EVERY SINGLE COMMENT she made last night referred to "the street." And I'm sitting here going, "Hey Mickey" is not particularly street, so why don't you stick to critiquing what you know? She had the severe misfortune of following L'il C, who was extremely articulate and constructive last week.

Joe Reid said...

To be fair, Toni Basil's been a choreographer for a long time, in a bunch of different styles, including street dancing way before it became the lovable sideshow it is today. "Mickey" is really the exception to the rule when it comes to her career.

I thought she did an okay job as a judge. Lil' C has kind of spoiled me for anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I was completely underwhelmed, with the exception of Mark and Comfort's hip-hop and Twitch and Katee's contemporary routines. The disco number was the first time I've ever seen Joshua look uncomfortable and he and Chelsie weren't really in synch. I was really surprised that none of the judges addressed it.

I hope there are some good group routines tonight. Otherwise, this week is a washout.

PS: Shut up, Toni.

Bo said...

I absolutely agree about Will's partnering. I was thinking about how actors always talk about another actor being "generous." Will is NOT generous. He's fine when he solos (although that James Brown thing last night was so ill-advised). But Will just has no room on the stage for a GIRL. Ewww. And that isn't a comment on his sexual preference, which I don't even bother to ponder, but rather his performance preference is to be the only game in town. And for a dancer, that's death.

I thought the guest judge was really really useless this week.