Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So You Think I Can Skip A Week?

I'd be very surprised if I find the time to give a proper rendering of tonight's So You Think You Can Dance? It's card night, and then I'm tagging in to recap Shear Genius on TWoP. I'll probably pop up with something brief tomorrow morning, but nothing like what I've been doing. So instead I figure I'll just engage in the lazy YouTubing you've come to expect from me and put up my picks for the top 5 routines of the season thus far.

Kherington and Twitch: Viennese Waltz (...sort of) (Top 18)

Joshua and Katee: Hip-Hop (Top 20)

Courtney and Gev: Contemporary (Top 18)

Mark and Chelsie: Hip-Hop (Top 16)

EDIT: I had Jess and Will's Jive here, but while I really liked that one, I liked these two solos more:

Matt (Top 14)

Gev (Top 14)


Bo said...

Oh. I'm so sorry you're skipping this week, because Will WAS being held back by his partner. This week he was with Katee and finally I get the fuss. He grew a personality, which leads me to believe he was really concentrating on Jessica and couldn't just let loose and dance.

But as I've felt all along, Twitch just isn't very versatile. A really nice personality and good enough at his style, I guess (I didn't really look at Comfort much in the hip-hop routine because Twitch commanded my eyes), but I don't buy him in any other genre and I do buy Gev (who I think may be gone after today, booo!).

Kherington was a mess.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that is insanely bothered by the audience counting down during the solos? It really detracts from the performance because it cuts into the music. Stupid audience, can't they show some respect?

I guess I wouldn't be surprised if FOX egged them on, though.

Joe Reid said...

The countdown is ridiculous. Though I do enjoy it when a solo manages to be so captivating that it shuts them up. Those are few and far between, though.