Thursday, July 03, 2008

So They Thought They Could Dance

Quick elimination episode thoughts that I will try to flesh out tomorrow morning (SPOILERS, duh):

I was so sad at the eliminations tonight, which was surprising given that I was 100% certain that Matt was going home and I thought it was at least 50% that Kourtni was toast. I should have known my predictions this morning couldn't come to pass -- if Matt and Comfort were eliminated, it'd pair teensy Thayne with beanpole Kourtni, and that would be...wrong. Better to get rid of both unwieldy giants at once. Much to my sadness.

Two things I want to talk about:

1) Gev's solo was the absolute best solo we've seen this season, I think. That was phenomenal! I'm glad to see Nigel make it crystal clear that Courtney and Gev were never once considered for elimination.

2) My love for Cat Deeley just grows and grows. She was clearly devastated by Kourtni's elimination -- I don't think all that Amazon solidarity was a joke. I think Cat felt close to both Kourtni and Matt, and she didn't feel any need to hide that. Best host on television.


Bo said...

Cat is awesome (except for the horrible dress they had her in Wed night--ouch!). Her helping Courtni compose herself during the applause was so cool.

Finally after watching this year I think I have it straight. The guy who opted out at the audition and performed tonight is a popper. Gev is a hip hopper. And Comfort is primarily a crumper. Right?

Joe Reid said...

...yes? Though I think Gev is a breaker. And Comfort might not be strictly a krumper, though she employs that in her hip-hop.

Ha! I have re-confused you!

Bo said...

Yes, breaker for Gev. But then I still need to know what hip-hop is.

And if you reconfuse me, you just keep me reading. You clever thing!

Mertseger said...

Yep, Cat's still the best host on TV. When she replaced Sanchez for Season 2, we were like, what? There's no talent left in America? By week four we were, "Ohhhh...well, all righty then. Pip, pip, cheerio, and you go girl." As bad as Wednesday night's outfit was (and it was bad), it was still better than most of Season 2's. We use to call them her Frocks o' Doom to match the Dances o' Doom of the elimination episodes.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I just love Cat Deely. Every single week my husband and/or I comment on how she's the best host on TV. So charming!

I wasn't surprised to see Kournti and Matt go, but it was heartbreaking. They were 2 of my faves and I don't think the judges ever gave Matt enough credit.

jessica said...

I thought Comfort was a popper?