Monday, July 28, 2008

'Round Springfield XXV: Morning, Sunshine!

Okay, I may not be getting all of this, but my impression is that John McCain believes in two-parent, traditional families. Seriously, that transcript doesn't even make me angry, just sad. For McCain. Anytime I see a politician so unable to think on his feet, so ill-equipped to engage the debate or do anything besides cling to his talking points for dear's like watching those bad American Idol auditions. I am embarrassed FOR you, John McCain.

Ladies... offers a summation of the WNBA brawl from last week that pretty closely resembles my view. I'd much rather see Candace Parker and Cheryl Ford mix it up in the heat of athletic competition than watch the Flavor of Love girls catfight over septuagenarian hype men. (With the exception of Bootz running past security guards to get to New York in the Flavor of Love II reunion. But that goes without saying.)

Nathaniel evaluates the Best Picture chances of The Dark Knight. I'm not quite there yet, but I so think it's gonna be in the conversation come year's end. Of course, I'm not trying to whammy the movie with a reverse double jinx, so...

And finally, Jason at My New Plaid Pants once again goes totally gaybones for Bryan Fuller. (By the by, ever since re-watching the "Cooter" episode of 30 Rock, "go totally gaybones" is my new phrase of choice. I'm trying to make it happen, just like I'm trying to bring "boss" back. Help me out in both regards, won't you?)


Patty M. said...

Um, doesn't a gay couple count as "two parents"? There's one parent, and - Look! - there's another one! Unless somehow being the same gender nixes the personhood of one of the pair. Or maybe it nixes half the personhood of each of them, so they only count as one parent. Painfully ridiculous.

jessica said...

"Go totally gaybones" is a totally boss phrase, Joe. Well done.