Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'Round Springfield XXIII

Lots to read today!

Nathaniel at The Film Experience presents his 100 favorite actresses of the moment, in handy animated gif form! Also, be sure to check out Nat's new profile pic, which has him looking both rugged and vaguely ill-intentioned.

Towleroad passes on info about a semi-secret extended cut of 54. Who could have possibly been clammoring for more of that Mike Myers/Salma Hayek/Ryan Phillippee anti-classic, you ask? Perhaps the 45 additional minutes of buck-ass-naked Phillippe doing anything that movies might answer your question.

Best Week Ever gives a good, solid tweak to the ever-escalating hype for The Dark Knight. I have such conflicting feelings about this movie. Despite the fact that Batman Begins faded from my memory unexpectedly fast, I'm incredibly, fantastically excited to see the movie, but the advance hype for it is just...wearying. Everything, every still, every interview with Christopher Nolan, every Oscar prediction from whatever corner of the globe had just built and built and built...how can the movie live up to this, for one thing? But on the flip side, I find myself subconsciously defending the movie -- Heath Ledger specifically -- against charges of over-hype. You know, the very charges I just laid out in the previous sentence. The ramp-up to this movie has made me literally crazy. Schizophrenic. One self-inflicted rictus away from a becoming a real problem for society.

Vulture lays out the psychological chasm that lies between making this a Dark Knight weekend or a Mama Mia! weekend. What would it say about a person if they went and saw both?

And finally, handy-dandy TV critic Alan Sepinwall passes on some excellent information from the FX panel with the Television Critics Association: 1) Marcia Gay Harden will be onboard for the new season of Damages, joining new additions Timothy Olyphant and William Hurt. 2) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns Setpember 15 (fist-pump!), and has been picked up for 52 new episodes, which should work out to four more seasons (double fist-pump!!).


Stephanie said...

I’m seeing both movies this weekend (advanced screening of The Dark Knight, Saturday matinee for Mamma Mia!. I don’t think it says much more about me than I want to see Heath Ledger’s last movie, and Amanda Seyfried and Meryl Streep rock my socks off.

AB and the Bear Suits said...

I'm also psyched for both and intend on seeing both this weekend. Woo-hoo!

Brooke Cloudbuster said...

I'm not even touching The Dark Knight topic, because that's a volatile can of worms.

But Damages, already one of the best shows on TV, continues to get better with it's cast. As a semi-related question: Is Rose Byrne really 'supporting' in that show?

Joe Reid said...

Not even a little bit. But as far as she takes far, far, FAR second billing to Glenn Close, that's enough for an Emmy campaign. As the lady said, it's not right, but it's okay.

jessica said...

Both movies! YEAH!