Monday, July 07, 2008

Round Springfield XXII: Bottle Rocket Clean-Up Edition

Rich from FourFour is back again with something awesome. Remember kids, it isn't now, nor has it ever been "America's Next Top Best Friend."

Nathaniel gears up into Oscar mode again today, taking a look at the rest of the 2008 film calendar through gold-colored glasses.

J.D. at Valley Dreamin' reports on his weekly movie-watching, as he wades into the uncharted waters of The Sweet Hereafter and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Those two winter-specific movies, by the way, won't be found anywhere near The A.V. Club's list of 13 great movies set during a heat wave. It's more of the same stellar output from the A.V. Club folks, with some of the usual suspects (Do the Right Thing; Dog Day Afternoon) and some I never, ever would have thought of (Southland Tales was set during a heat wave? I guess I was too bust giggling at Mandy Moore screaming "Cockchuggin'!" to notice -- yet another reason I need to buy that DVD ASAP). And big ups for including Barton Fink. I'm sweating just thinking about John Turturro stuck in that sweatbox hotel room, and that's before the devil sets the building on fire.

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J.D. said...

Ah, "Cockchuggin'!"

I like her very much as an actress, for that matter.