Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quickie So You Think You Can Dance Thoughts

Okay, first off: Paula! How hilarious was it that every shot of any choreographer angled to get a clear view of Paula in the background? Also, somebody needs to get her to choreograph one of these years. Come on!

Courtney and Mark
Waltz: Wow, gorgeous. And emotional. That one seriously touched me. Even if they both get eliminated, at least they got to dance that routine. It's been a good season for the waltz, too. Normally it's been a guaranteed snoozer, but this season: Twitch and Kherington, Comfort and Thayne, and now these two. And how cute were they together? They reminded me of Lauren and Neil a bit. But way gayer.

Jazz: Whatever movie these two were acting out, I want to see it. Like a Tim Burton movie about prostitutes, and no one has sex but they all act out their little gothic fantasies. Anything that lets Mark play a character like this is something I'll love, and this was bizarre in all the right ways.

Interlude: The tale of Cat and her gold fronts: holy god, I love that woman. Can I vote for Cat to win the show?

Katee and Joshua
Contemporary: How a man Josh's size can leap around like that, like he's 70 pounds, is astounding to me. That these two are fantastic together is no surprise, but even by their standard, this was great. Two lovers, floating on air. Tyce's best routine all season, yes. Probably my favorite thing I've seen Tyce do ever.

Paso Doble: Aaaaand Josh enters the shirtless derby, better late than never. And my speculation was correct: if anyone was gonna do right by the paso doble, it'd be these two. One of these two is SO winning this show.

Twitch and Chelsie
Mambo: Here's Chelsie, once again dancing circles around her partner, this time literally. She's an astounding dancer and I love her, but I'm starting to wonder if there isn't something about her being not that great a partner. That said, Twitch has struggled with 90% of his ballroom routines this season, so the fact that Chelsie popped and Twitch didn't isn't entirely her fault, nor is it a surprise.

Hip-Hop: It took me more than halfway through before I realized the song was a strings version of Janet Jackson's "Control." The routine was a lot of fun, if not completely mindblowing.

Best routine: Courtney and Mark's waltz (Katee and Josh's contemporary a close second)

Bottom four (do they do that this week?): Twitch, Mark, Courtney, Chelsie

Going home: Courtney, Twitch

I'm so sad we have to lose anyone!! AAAAHHHH!


Anonymous said...

I still miss Shane & Wade and thing the shows "hip hop" routines have been mostly weak and uninspiring! I think that C&M had the stronest night but really like J & K Contemporary! Good bye Twitch for the guys but all 3 girls are good and I hope C makes it through.

Patty M. said...

I totally agree about Chelsie's partnering skills, Joe, and it's made me even more awe-struck by Mark, who actually looked like her partner when they worked together. I'm really hoping Mark makes it to the finale.

Stephanie said...

I really hope that Mark makes it through because I cannot wait to see what crazy routine the two boys get. I mean, Mark and Joshua (who's so going to win)... dancing together. Hip hop? Contemporary? I can't even begin to guess.

Bo said...

I've liked Courtney since the earliest auditions, so I really want her through. She's partnered well with everyone, I love her upbeat and lyrical. And that that waltz was the best of the season. (I disagree that it's been a good season for the waltz--many of them weren't even waltzes and had very little true sweep. This one had it all.)

Chelsie's (and any ballroom dancer's that I remember) solos are so limited. It's kind of sad. She's great at what she does but what she does is meant to be danced by two.

Twitch's personality has got him through a lot of awkward work.

I'm hoping Twitch and Chelsea are gone.

Melissa said...

I'm consistently under whelmed by Katee's and Joshua's solos since they made the top 10. They dance really well when they're choreographed but when left to their own devices I find them terribly uninspired.

I guess I'm the only one here who isn't a big Joshua fan. I think he's definitely top 4 but I'd rather see Chelsie, Courtney or Mark win than Joshua.

Vance said...

ACK My blog has been BLOCKED so I can't post but if I did, it would pretty much say the same things you just said.

Except the Paula thing. I didnt mention that. but so true and so hilarious!

jessica said...

I was thinking it would be Twitch and Chelsie to go, but as much as I'll miss Mark I guess I'm not devastated. I think Katee or Courtney wins.

jessica said...

I was thinking it would be Twitch and Chelsie to go, but as much as I'll miss Mark I guess I'm not devastated. I think Katee or Courtney wins.