Thursday, July 17, 2008

Out On a High Note (SYTYCD Spoilers)

I suppose if you're going to go home on a week where you gave two of the best pair dances and the best solo, there's a way to put that titular silver lining on the news. And Gev (and Kherington, and poor Cat) certainly took it better than I did. But...GEV! NOOOOOO! He really was my favorite this season, all things considered. I can't really call the result bullshit when all the guys are so effing good, but why the FUCK couldn't everybody else see what I saw? God damn it. I'm going to try to be classy about this, so I'm only going to mention this once that the Nigel-choreographed boys number was a fine, if obvious, love-letter to Will.

Anyhoo, in other news, if Kherington didn't go home tonight, she would've gone home next week. As that backstage footage showed, the wind had just come out of her sails after three weeks of steady decline. I guess I can always remember her impeccable lines from that Viennese waltz.

And I hinted at it yesterday, but now I'm certain: Lil' C is my favorite judge of all of them. Can I just have him show up at my house and tell me that my heart is the railroad that runs between my artistry and my ability? That would be wonderful.


jam said...

That was my very first statement, too. NOOOOOOOOO! GEV! I was convinced Mark was a goner and had prepared myself accordingly, since I'd rather none of the guys had to go. So, that was surprisingly tragic.

I wasn't shocked about Kherington -- figured too that it was this week or next for her, given that she has seemed a bit lost the past couple of weeks. Ever since the last half of that krump routine, actually.

Is anyone else really frustrated with the camera work? I was ready to punch the TV last night during the Mia Michaels angel routine because it looked like a Mia Michaels joint that I could really get into but it was all freaking close-ups of hands and faces and I just wanted to see the, oh, I don't know, actual dance? This season seems to have been especially... ambitious... with the camera-work and it's resulted in a lot of close-ups of individual dancers from waist or chest up and it's nigh impossible to get a sense of what the whole number looks like. Hey, you kids, get off my lawn! (And... crotchety old lady rant over.)

Bo said...

Lil'C rules as a jidge.

And yes, the camera work is frenetic and takes away from the dance. Disappointed me in particular on the Bollywood opening number.

I hated the use of Ave Maria with a bunch of girls in underwear trying desperately to show us their "don't touch" places (or maybe that was the bad camera work).

page said...

Lil C is AWESOME. Even when (or perhaps especially when!) the words he strings together make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I thought his advice to Kherington was really great and I hope all the dancers were listening to him.

Very sad to lose Gev, but I would have been equally sad to lose Mark. I know it would essentially be a different show, but I almost wish they weren't tied to losing "a guy and a gull" every week. The men are just so strong.

Amen on the camera work complaints. There was a moment during Twitch and Comfort's hip hop Wed. night that looked like it probably was really cool - but we'll never know because the camera was on him and at a weird angle when it should have been on both of them, head on.

I have to say I thought the make-up on the girls for the Mia routine was incredible. So other-worldly - Chelsea and Courtney especially looked nothing like themselves (or at least the "selves" we usually see).

Did I somehow fast-forward through it, or was there no musical guest inflicted on us last night?

Anonymous said...

I knew it was going to be Kherington. I love her, but she was off on Wednesday. And Gev! No!It really says something that I don't want anyone to leave--the top ten is just that good.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED the Bollywood routine. They looked like they were having SO much fun up there on that stage.

It is a freaking crime that Cat wasn't nominated for an Emmy.

afurr said...

The camera work is something that has bugged me about this show forever. I wish they would just put the camera in one place and leave it so that we could see the whole dance. I went to see the tour for season 2 and even though the dances were all the same as had been on the show, I enjoyed it so much more because I could take in the whole dance.

Also, I had the same NOOOOOOOOO reaction when Cat said that it was Gev. Actually, before Cat even said his name because you could totally tell from her reaction when she read the card.

Man, I love Cat though. She has to be the best host of this type of show ever. It's so sad that the Emmys don't recognize her (or Phil)

jessica said...

I loved Gev's work on the show, and definitely thought he did way better than the judge's gave him credit for. I was sad to see him go, but I was really sad about the prospect of losing Mark too. His solos are always so captivating to me, I couldn't bear to lose him. That's what makes this show so great.

And Li'l C ... oh my god. At first I was like, "what lucid, insightful, constructive comments on dance." And then I was like, "did he have the dictionary for dinner?" I followed closely with, "did I have a stroke or did he just say performance should be 'balanced on the fulcrum of character'?" And "Mia Michaels and Li'l C having a conversation would be the most surreal thing ever. I think my head hurts." Only to come all the way back around to, "my God, that man is the coolest bestest, most kajingles judge in the world. I could freakin' stab him."

Anonymous said...

My favourite Lil C moment was when he told Mark that he was an "instrumental worker bee in the art hive." Love him!

I was really sad to see Gev go, too. I thought his contemporary with Chelsie was amazing last night and he totally acquitted himself as well as any of the guys could have in that jive.

Heather said...

Super, Super sad to lose Gev... he was a favorite of mine.

Also, do they not rehearse these dances on the stage? Why is the choreographer not saying, "Dude, don't do a close-up right then, I planned the dance to be filmed [this way]."? The cameras suck this season (as does the camera work on America's Best Dance Crew2).