Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On Loyalty and Brett Favre (But Very Briefly)

Yes, it's the Dread Football Post, and in July no less. Don't worry, it's quick. It also falls into a trend I've been noticing here lately wherein I get curious as to why "we" (fans, media, the public at large) feel the ways we do about our entertainment, and more often the little hypocrisies I find in the reactions to Katherine Heigl or Dawn Summers or whoever. I seem to be on a kick. Anyway, today's question like that is about football.

Because for a few weeks now, the Brett Favre Saga (for the non-football fans, Linda has you covered) has been raging and most of the media has been resolute in their opinion that the Green Bay Packers have an obligation to pay back Favre's many years of gridiron heroics by turning their offense upside-down and welcoming him back from his fake retirement. Fair enough.

My question is this: Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor was run out of town by a monomaniacal GM for having the gall to appear on Dancing With the Stars instead of participating in voluntary team workouts in February or whatever the fuck. This is an 11-year veteran, bajillion-time all-star, and former Defensive Player of the Year. He's also been the only good player on a shitty Miami team for several years. And Bill Parcells spends months taking potshots at the guy before shipping him off to another team and yet no one seem to find THAT behavior disrespectful to a beloved football hero.

So what gives? Is Favre really that much more of a hero? Is dancing on TV really that big of a crime?


jessica said...

No and no.

Brett Favre is an imbecilic, immature, whining little baby who can't handle the fact that someone on the verge of FORTY, for chrissakes, shouldn't be playing professional football. Instead of taking all the Green Bay goodwill with a warm heart and spending the rest of his life doing literally ANYTHING football-related that doesn't include actually playing, he's ruining his legacy with truly inconsiderate, assholish behavior. Not to mention how being history's leading interception-thrower, a drug addict, and only a one-time superbowl winner don't exactly make him the best that ever was anyway.

And Jason Taylor did more for the Miami Dolphins in one season of DWTS than anyone else associated with the team did in any of their shitty games the past however many years. Good PR is priceless. Bill Parcells is an idiot.

Jeff Hansen said...

As a Packers fan, let me put it this way: Fuck Brett Favre, bring on Aaron Rodgers!