Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More Emmy Semi-Finalists

Via L.A. Times howler monkey Tom O'Neil, here are the top ten vote-getters for Supporting Actor in a Drama and Lead Actress in a Comedy (it's like we're crossing the board diagonally). Observe:

Naveen Andrews -- Lost
Bruce Dern -- Big Love
Christian Clemenson -- Boston Legal
Ted Danson -- Damages
Michael Emerson -- Lost
Zeljko Ivanek -- Damages
T.R. Knight -- Grey's Anatomy
William Shatner -- Boston Legal
John Slattery -- Mad Men
Blair Underwood -- In Treatment
Jake Weber -- Medium

Defending champ Terry O'Quinn is absent from the list, which I guess clears the deck in theory. In practice, it means our long national Shat-nightmare will likely continue. Though Emmy voters have historically been awfully fond of Danson -- he was excellent in Damages, so I'd be perfectly fine if a statue was tossed his way. I'm more psyched to see Zeljko Ivanek on the list; he stands a far worse chance of getting nominated, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who appreciated his work on the show. Also, I don't think I've seen Jake Weber since Giles was smothering him to death in order to kill Glory in one of the great badass moves of all time yeah, yeah, fine. That was "Charlie Weber." Who I really haven't seen since Giles killed him. Jake Weber was in American Gothic. I'll try to remember.

BEST CASE: Zeljko Ivanek, Ted Danson, Bruce Dern (though I don't recall him being around much last season), Michael Emerson, John Slattery.

PREDICTION: Danson, Emerson, Slattery, Shatner, T.R. Knight.

Christina Applegate -- Samantha Who?
Marcia Cross -- Desperate Housewives
America Ferrera -- Ugly Betty
Tina Fey -- 30 Rock
Anna Friel -- Pushing Daisies
Felicity Huffman -- Desperate Housewives
Eva Longoria Parker -- Desperate Housewives
Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- New Adventures of Old Christine
Mary-Louise Parker -- Weeds
Sarah Silverman -- The Sarah Silverman Program

It's always tough to predict this category because you never know how Emmy voters will feel about the current Desperate Housewives season. Sarah Silverman's grabbing all the headlines for ending up on this list, but she's clearly a seat-filler. It seems Tina Fey submitted "Sandwich Day" as her episode, which I don't recall being all that awesome, though I'm willing to be proved wrong. The Carrie Fisher episode was the season's best.

BEST CASE: Tina Fey, MLP, Christina Applegate, America Ferrara, and, by default, Anna Friel, who I kind of hate (at least her character).

PREDICTIONS: Fey, Ferrara, Applegate, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Felicity Huffman.

EDIT: Oh look! Supporting Actress in a Drama too!

Jane Alexander -- Tell Me You Love Me
Candice Bergen -- Boston Legal
Rose Byrne -- Damages
Jill Clayburgh -- Dirty Sexy Money
Sharon Gless -- Burn Notice
Rachel Griffiths -- Brothers and Sisters
Christina Hendricks -- Mad Men
S. Epatha Merkerson -- Law and Order
Sandra Oh -- Grey's Anatomy
Dianne Wiest -- In Treatment
Chandra Wilson -- Grey's Anatomy

God, how am I supposed to feel about this? So fantastic to see Christina Hendricks and Jill Clayburgh on this list, and yet...no Connie Britton. No Margo Martindale. No Patricia Wettig. Damn it all. You figure Damages wouldn't have put Rose Byrne in a completely fraudulent category if they didn't think they could score with it. It's nice to see Sharon Gless recognized for Burn Notice -- that show merits a nod or two. Of course, it's not the show that's being recognized, it's Christine Cagney. Wonder if Gless still has the Emmy mojo that Tyne Daley has?

BEST CASE: Christina Hendricks, Jill Clayburgh, Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, Rachel Griffiths.

PREDICTED: Candice Bergen, Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, Rose Byrne, Dianne Wiest.


deirdre said...

"Emmy voters have historically been awfully fond of Danson"?

Wasn't he the Susan Lucci of sitcoms forever? Didn't he not win until after Kirstie Alley joined Cheers? Or have the voters been kinder to his post-Cheers work, of which I can remember literally nothing?

Anyway. I loathe Mary Louise Parker (and don't really care for Silverman), but even if I didn't, the only outcome for best actress that I will accept is Tina Fey walking away with that trophy.

Joe Reid said...

Well, Danson still won twice. But, yeah, I guess it did take a while to get over that hump. I may have been thinking of Alan Alda instead. Still, I think it's safe to say they "like" Danson.

Also, deirdre, your MLP hatred is tolerated around these parts, but please don't flaunt it. (But yeah, Tina Fey's gotta win this bitch.)

Anonymous said...

Ben was played by Charlie Weber not Jake Weber.

Joe Reid said...

Ha! Beat you to it!

Rube Goldberg said...

I totally agree that "Rosemary's Baby" was the best 30 Rock of the season, but I think Tina Fey's strongest acting performance was "Sandwich Day". Between the "You'll ALL have chins" diatribe and her sandwich consumption performance art, there's nothing stronger from the past season -- except maybe her descent in "MILF Island", but that episode wasn't so great.

Michelle said...

I watch Medium more as a guilty pleasure, but the development of Jake Weber's character since the hostage crisis last season has been nicely handled, with Weber really making me tune in week-to-week.

Also, no love for Yunjin Kim?

Julia said...

Yeah, where the HELL is Yunjin Kim? I was also appalled to see the lack of Robert Sean Leonard from House in Supporting Actor.

Joe Reid said...

Yunjin Kim's absence doesn't surprise me, sadly. It's very rare for the Emmys to start recognizing an actor who ups his or her game in the course of the series. Either they recognize you from the start or you're done.

And you'd think that with the Emmy voters judging based on single-episode submissions, that would level the playing field for Lost actors who maybe only get to shine once every 3-4 episodes.