Friday, July 25, 2008

Fug the Poster

All apologies to the fabulous ladies at Go Fug Yourself, but this brand new poster for the Robert Rodriguez/Rose McGowan remake of Red Sonja brings to mind nothing so much as the grostesque fashion stylings of the inexplicably famous Phoebe Price.

Picture that second one with a sword instead of a dog and it gets pretty uncanny.

Godspeed, Rose. My fingers are crossed for ya.


OleNelson said...

So where are we culturally with this sort of thing? Is Rose McGowan with the sword and the blood and the boobs embracing a genre stereotype so as to be female empowering? Or is it just gross and exploitive?

Or is that entire debate/distinction moot in an era of Gerard Butler and the Men of 300?

jessica said...

You know, Red Sonja was one of my guilty pleasure movies a hundred years ago and when I rewatched it recently I realized how terrible it is. Now I'm kind of excited it's being redone, though I'm not too sold on Rose McGowan.