Tuesday, July 29, 2008

All Your Weezers Are Belong To Us

Am I the only one loving the new Weezer video with all the famous YouTube people? Weezer's a band that I tend to forget about for long stretches and then they come back with something new and I'm all, "You know, that Weezer band is all right."

I think the reason I most love this video is that it's a celebration of these YouTube freaks, not a condemnation. It manages to address the phenomenon without being all "Oh, the culture is going to the dogs and nobody appreciates good art anymore and how sad that people are famous for being famous" about it. Isn't it better that the so-called "YouTube generation" is finally exposing celebrity for the side-show it is? Aren't we all better off now that we have to differentiate between famous people and folks with demonstrable talents, and do that hard work ourselves?

There's something about watching the Numa Numa guy and the "Shoes" dude jamming while the Diet Coke jets spray in the background that's really...joyous. It's fitting, I think. Aren't these videos more like happy little diversions during the work day rather than a harbinger of the cultural apocalypse? Thanks to Weezer for helping us all lighten up a bit.

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jam said...


I know that's not exactly trenchant commentary, but that video just makes me happy.

Like that "Where the hell is Matt?" guy.