Monday, June 30, 2008

Your Monday Morning YouTube

Just because.


Kaitlyn said...

Did you know that The A.V. Club is reviewing MSCL this summer? I remember that I always thought it was so meaningful that the names of the actors were never shown with a shot of them. You had to really follow the show to know who the characters were, the opening credits weren't going to just give it to you.


what is it about shows that you truly love that the opening credits can never be skimmmed through. Even no DVD marathons.

this just floods me with memories.

one of TV's finests seasons of anything ever.

Maria said...

"Go, now. Go!"

Every time I get sad that the show was canceled so soon, I remember that at least we didn't have to witness any hanky panky between Graham and That Hallie Lowenthal Person.