Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trailer Trash: Eagle Eye

Okay, so when I first saw the trailer for Eagle Eye (DJ Caruso's pseudo-sequel to Disturbia), I was able to laugh it off pretty easily as "that movie where Shia LaBeouf keeps getting phone calls telling him to duck." Now that I've seen the new, expanded trailer...maybe not:

I mean, yes, it's still Dear Shia running away from things for two hours. And yes, Disturbia was pretty crappy (pretty really crappy). And I freely admit that my affinity for Michelle Monaghan may outpace your own. But this new clip suggests a fun little runaway train of a movie. I like that the small roles are filled with actors I like (Rosario Dawson and an increasingly old-looking Ethan Embry). I'm intrigued by the power-lines sequence that is hopefully a better homage to North by Northwest than Disturbia was to Rear Window. The plot's not reinventing the wheel, but I do enjoy a good mysterious-voice-on-the-phone movie.

God help me, I'm anticipating a Shia flick.

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jessica said...

Ethan Embry! Mark from the band Marc! God, I need to watch Empire Records again.