Monday, June 02, 2008

Tales of the Small

This was Elijah Wood spotted around New York last week, which was a couple of days before I saw him at the bar by my apartment yesterday. He wasn't wearing the shades, like above, which was kind of him because it allowed me to confirm that his eyes really are that supernaturally blue.

What the above photo doesn't accurately depict is just how tiny the guy is. He's seriously the slightest, teensiest, most slender dude I've ever seen. The above photo is kind of useless because there's nothing there to give it scale.

This one's better:

Anyway, wee or not, he's stunningly beautiful, in that way only movie stars can be, and I probably spent a good half-hour willing myself not to stare. (Or, God forbid, mentioning how my readers nearly revolted at the thought of him besting Tom Wilkinson.)


Deirdre said...

That second photo is awesome.

I'm glad to have read this post because I find him super cute and always feel a bit dirty and cougar-ish for doing so. He fulfills the half-your-age-plus-seven rule and then some, and I know he is, or was, dating a woman older than I (*cough* by a few months *cough*) but he breaks the "no one younger than your youngest sibling" rule, and, let's face it, still looks like a teenager.

jessica said...

For such a wee man, his package looks pleasantly plump.

God, I am a dirty old woman.

Vance said...

I just laughed out loud at work and everyone noticed.. I'm blaming you for my troubles here today.