Thursday, June 12, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20

Okay, twenty people makes for FAR too long an intro, but I'm still in love with the "These are the girls...and here are your guys!" thing they always do. I just realized I kind of want to be Cat Deeley for Halloween.

Jamie & Rayven: Hip-Hop (Napoleon & Tabitha)
A decent routine that seemed a lot better after seeing everybody else dance. I really wish Rayven could stand still for two seconds and stop constantly mugging for my vote. Everybody does that, sure, but this girl does not stop.

Susie and Marquis: Smooth Waltz (Hunter Johnson)
Marquis has "personal family issues" with his parents not wanting him to dance. ...That's one way of putting it, yes. I really didn't care for Susie at all before this week, but she and Marquis were quite beautiful on this routine, botched lift be damned. Elegant, with some great lines, but it was never boring, unlike some ballroom pairs tonight. (Jessica King!)

Kourtni and Matt: Jazz (The Other Mandy Moore)
Okay, Matt is absolutely beautiful. Not even in terms of attraction, but, like, in terms of art. His face should be sculpted. I really like them both, and I think their routine was much better than the judges gave them credit for. Nigel in particular was way harsh to Matt, with the broomstick up his ass comment. Plus, who doesn't love a jewel-heist-themed jazz routine? Love you, The Other Mandy Moore!

Chelsea T. and Thayne: Cha Cha (Tony Meredith)
Really? "Thayne"? Okay. Thayne has the biggest teeth I have ever seen and is also incredibly kooky. Unchecked kookiness can be a problem with me. Was this what Benji was like? The routine was okay. Nothing terribly special.

Chelsie H. and Mark: Contemporary (Mia Michaels)
Tim Burton's wedding. God bless your crazy ass, Mia Michaels, but I didn't love this routine. A little too foo-foo, even for contemporary. Mark looked like a damn fool flitting about all by himself, and Chelsie's poofy dress made it so you couldn't see her move half the time. Best I could tell, I like him and she's merely okay.

Kherington and Twitch: Broadway (Tyce Diorio)
Awesome. My favorite routine of the night. Often when the poppers/breakers/b-boys start braching out into other styles, the praise can seem condescending ("Good for YOU! 'A' for effort!"), but for Twitch it was well-deserved. He was great! And Kherington was his equal with every step.

Comfort and Chris: Jive (Tony Meredith)
Total trainwreck. I would enjoy the whole Comfort experience a lot more if (and hopefully when) she starts dancing better (perhaps with a new partner?). I'm pretty sure Nigel's in love with her, so I wouldn't be shocked to see Chris bumped off and Comfort paired with someone else.

Katee and Joshua: Hip-Hop (Napoleon & Tabitha)
At first I thought he was great and she was only so-so, probably because she's been working my last nerve since that boo-hoo business last week. But as the routine went on, I found her more and more appealing. They make a good pair. I liked that the hip-hop routines took on the storytelling pretensions of a contemporary or jazz number. That was fun.

Jessica and Will: Tango (Hunter Something-or-other)
Technically proficient but boring as hell. Jessica bugs the crap out of me, but that wasn't my problem with the actual dancing. Neither was my resentment that Will is keeping the deliciously daffy Debbie Allen from the judges' panel. It was just a snoozer. No idea what Nigel and Co. saw that was so special.

Courtney and Gev: Disco (Doriano Sanchez)
Not the most inspiring routine ever, but while they didn't blow the doors off the place, I like the both of them, and I really like them together. Courtney reminds me of Lacey a bit, and Gev is a less Orc-like Dominic. I hope they survive this week.

Top 3: Kherington/Twitch, Katee/Joshua, Kourtni/Matt

Bottom 3 (personally): Comfort/Chris, Chelsea/Thayne, Jessica/Will

Bottom 3 (predicted): Chelsea/Thayne, Courtney/Gev, Jamie/Rayven

Predicted Eliminations: Rayven and Gev


jessica said...

I LOVED Mia's crazy wedding routine. It was second best for me, behind Katee & Joshua's hip hop. Twitch and Kherington are my #3.

I think the bottom three for me were Comfort/Chris, Jessica/Will, and Susie/Marquis. If that group actually goes before the judges, I'd say Jessica and Marquis are gone.

Mertseger said...

I loves me some some Mia, and so even though I found Mia derivative of, well, Mia (specifically, the hummingbird and flower routine) I felt her routine was the best choreography of the night. Tyce's routine was not bad, but he always evokes Fosse for me and then pales in the comparison.

The best performance of the night for me goes to Joshua and Katie. They powerfully portrayed the correct emotions (no pageant smiles in a serious routine, RAYVEN) while hitting (really hitting) all the steps. I know that the whole soldier goes off to war trope is a cliche (and, believe me, I still carry the scars of seeing Melody and Alan's failure at the same trope in Season 1), but Katie and Joshua connected to the emotion and each other - in a Hip Hop routine!

Twitchington was pretty good, but I'm still on the wait and see spot on whether they can portray a range of emotions beyond smiling enthusiasm.

Both Chelsea and Will blew their partners off the stage. The ideal elimination would be Jessica and Tha3&%\\ne, if only so the two could be paired together.

All in all, an exciting start to the elimination eps.

Joe Reid said...

Oh, I would hate to see Marquis go so soon. At least let him stay long enough to shame his mom. Hopefully Chris is seen as a more suitable boot.

Also, wasn't the hummingbird/flower routine a Wade Robson creation? Or am I drunk at 11:30 AM?

Mertseger said...

D'oh. Indeed, it appears that Hok never did a Mia routine. The hummingbird routine was Wade's. Well, st least she's stealing from the best.

Melissa said...

I loved the Mia routine too. But I think most people felt the dress got in the way (and Mark's weirdness did make it feel a little disjointed) so I think they might be in the bottom three. Along with Susie and Marquis and Jessica and Will.

My prediction is the same as Jessica's - Marguis and Jessica are getting the boot.

Joe Reid said...

Much as I'd like to see it, I don't think Jessica's going anywhere. Not after the judges fawned all over her performance and Mary called her and Will the pair to beat.

StinkyLulu said...

I hope you post pictures of you in your Halloween costume.

(Seriously, I think Cat Deeley is my favorite reality show host since Anderson Cooper's Mole stint.)

par3182 said...

imagine twice as much of thayne's kookiness and ten times as much of rayven's mugging...

that's what benji was like

jessica said...

Joe why don't you just watch the first 2 seasons in full? I, uh ... know where you can get a copy.

patty m. said...

Knowing you're busy this week, I'm just going to leave my growling reaction to this (2nd) week's elimination here. Susie, sure. She was uninspiring and her solo was meh. But Marquis's solo was the best of the boys' solos tonight. I like the tricks, and I think Chris's solo was just lazy. What the hell was Nigel's comment about Chris leaving his heart on stage? Really? Small and unimpressive heart, then, or maybe the judges could see something the cameras couldn't. I'm done with Chris, and Thayne's 4000-watt smile seems desperate. ("LOVE ME!")