Friday, June 27, 2008

Round Springfield XXI: A Funny Way of Celebrating Pride Week

The incomparable Rich at FourFour is incomparable for a reason. He draws you in with the Top Model recaps, lulls you into placid domesticity with the cat-grooming, then BAM, he hits you with something like this Week In Homophobia clip and reminds you he's not fucking around. Awesome.

Nathaniel at The Film Experience takes on the Tarantino filmography and, in wake of this week's news regarding the impending Inglorious Bastards two-parter, wonders if he's perhaps been over-coddled. I disagree with Nathaniel about Death Proof (I really loved that talky little gem), and I'm not sure if discipline has ever been a QT string suit, but it's a good point he makes re: Quentin's lazy output.

Since this was such a James McAvoy-heavy week here at Low Res, it's fitting to end it with a link to Stale Popcorn posting some pics of James pulling some adorable faces on TRL.

You may think I wrote this week's So You Think You Can Dance recap on Best Week Ever since it echoes a great many of my thoughts, right down to being in love with Mark, but I didn't. Still worth a read, though. As for my take on last night's results: predictable (I called all three bottom couples) but deserved. And while Thayne is certainly a better dancer than Chris, I'm not sure he's any more suited to Comfort's style. They'll likely be back at the bottom next week.

Finally, Vulture ranks Pixar's movies from 1-8 in anticipation of The Greatest Movie In The History Of Ever, If You Aren't Some Kind Of Asshole, WALL-E. They put Monster's Inc. at the top, which reminds me I need to see it again, because friends of mine also rank it at #1, and I kind of don't remember much about it. As for my list, it'd have Finding Nemo at the top, The Incredibles in the middle, and A Bug's Life and Cars at the bottom, 'cuz I haven't seen 'em.

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