Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Round Springfield XX: Kim Kelly Is My Friend

While I watch Novak Djokovic blow it at Wimbledon.

Sarah offers a great take on the HBO doc Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired at Tomato Nation. Polanski is a thorny issue, but Sarah comes out about where I do: the crime doesn't lessen the filmography, but the filmography doesn't excuse the crime. I re-watched Rosemary's Baby the other day, too, and holy shit. Not all the classics hold up to their reputation, but this one certainly does.

Jason at MNPP offers birthday wishes to the ever-fantastic (and Michelle Williams BFF -- and Matilda's godmother) Busy Philipps. One of the many reasons I wish ER would just get canceled already is so it would stop swallowing up good actresses like Busy and Linda Cardellini (and Maura Tierney and Parminder Nagra) and let them star in something I'll actually watch.

Jezebel offers the terrifying news that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck might be on the verge of splitting up. God, I hope not. Jen's been doing some of her best work as of late, and I'd hate for anything to upset that particular apple cart. I wonder if Ben will go back to acting like a total knob like he was before JG started keeping him away from cameras.

Finally, Best Week Ever delivers the latest on the Shaq/Kobe beef (Kobe beef! I'm awesome!), which has easily become my favorite celebrity feud of the summer (sorry, Lauren/Audrina). Watching the SportCenter anchors this week deliver stone-faced accounts of Shaq's anti-Kobe freestyle and his hilarious public statements ("Everybody who knows me knows I'm a rapper and a comedian") has been a treat. Stephen A. Smith hollering about the nature of freestyling? Can't buy that kind of funny. And now this news that Shaq has lost his status as honorary sheriff's deputy in Arizona because of the "racial" context of this scandal (...?). It's glorious.

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Sandman said...

Kobe beef! You're my hero, Joe.