Monday, June 23, 2008

'Round Springfield XIX: Before You Log Off

The Onion A.V. Club, ever-awesome, posts a fantastic list of the greatest cameos in film, topped by Alec Baldwin's flithy-mouthed shot in the arm at the beginning of Glengarry Glen Ross. It's a lot of fun going through the nineteen cameos, which includes some of my favorites (David Bowie in Zoolander; John Carroll Lynch in Zodiac) and some I'd forgotten about (Janneane Garofalo in The Cable Guy! The best thing about that movie!). The A.V. Club seems to post something like this about once a week, consistently stealing my ideas before I have them. The bastards.

Elsewhere on the internets...

Nathaniel posts the next installment in his genius June Weddings series. It's an incredibly creative conceit, and he always delivers them with a good laugh. Plus: Muppets!

Vulture bitches about having to catch up on Mad Men (suck it up, you guys, that show kicks ass), then gets to the more important job of taking those fuckers at Entertainment Weekly to task for, among other things, ranking Jay Leno above Laura Roslin.

Finally, FourFour sings the praises of She's Got The Look, and that's great, but the real draw of this post is the divine wallpaper of blowjob faces from America's Next Top Model. I highly recommend peeping each photo in order, from left to right and top to bottom. It tells a hell of a story that way.

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