Monday, June 16, 2008

On The Tony Awards

It's weird -- pretty much every single recap of the Tonys I've read this morning has been remarkably bitter. Am I weird for finding the show to be pretty good? Weren't all the winning shows/performances fairly well-received? I don't know, I'm new at this.

What the Tonys did accomplish extremely well was that it made me immediately regretful that I didn't see more shows this year. Particularly In The Heights, Passing Strange, Boeing-Boeing, August: Osage County, The Homecoming, and The 39 Steps. And that's just to start. I'm going to be a lot better at this kind of thing next time, I promise.


Rinaldo said...

I guess I have seen different reactions to the Tonys, as most haven't been particularly bitter. They (and I) found it an efficiently produced 3-hour show (the implied negative in "efficient" being that it's reached a new level of being a blatant "come see a Broadway show!" commercial and nothing more, with nonmusicals shunted off into a dark corner as much as possible).

Fans of Gypsy should be happy, as all 3 principal actors won their awards (which has never happened before in any revival of the show). Fans of South Pacific, like me, can be delirious at its getting more than any other production, including Leading Actor for the charismatic Mr. Szot. And fans of In the Heights saw it win Best Score and Best Musical, as well as many new fans (including me, a most unlikely convert) for the delightful Lin-Manuel Miranda. And fans of August: Osage County (just about anybody who's seen it, like me) saw it win about every award it could have, and it already has the Pulitzer.

So what is there to complain about, except the host and the relegation of important awards to the unaired pre-show?

ModFab said...

Rinaldo, I guess you could complain about the near-swipe at PASSING STRANGE. But hating the Tonys is like hating butterflies. Sure, you can do it, but what good will it do?

Vance said...

haha. butterflies.

maybe because I only recently got back into all the theatre shows and stuff but I thought it was a pretty good year. No Spring Awakening but I still enjoyed so many shows and so the Tony's was fun!

YEs Joe, GO. Don't you live in NY? GO!!!

whammo said...

No problems with the shows competing, just with the awards show itself. Starting off with The Lion King? For a minute I'd thought they'd screwed up and ran a repeat. And Whoopi??? To use a term I never use, Hot Tranny Mess. Who sucked up too much screen time. The greatest strength of this show is that it has so much material for the entertainment portions. There's therefore NOOOOOO need to have Mario Lopez and a dozen CGI'd Whoopies on my TV, please.

While there wasn't a very deep lineup of great new shows this season (especially in the new musical dep't), the stuff that was out there was awesome. modfab, I was conflicted by the Heights/Strange dichotomy all night, especially when it started becoming pretty damn one-sided. Made me wish that both of them hadn't opened in the same year. On the drama side, it was a shame (though expected) to see Rock n Roll slip through the cracks. And I am still bitter that Cheyenne Jackson didn't get a nom.

Still, pretty damn good year. And Joe, you should get out more.

floretbroccoli said...

You do know that it's ok to see the shows you missed AFTER the Tonys, right?

Joe Reid said...

rinaldo: I hear you. I kind of think it's a good idea to make the Tonys a 3-hour advertisment for Broadway. Outside of the New York market, this is probably the first and only time America (or at least the CBS audience) is hearing about these shows. From what I understand, they need all the publicity they can get.

whammo: I know it's not how you meant it, but "Joe, you need to get out more" sounds wickedly nasty.

floretbroccoli: That's true, but I'm moving and I won't be back until the fall, so there's that. Plus, like with Osage County, I've already missed the original cast members. So the slap on my wrist is deserved.

Mollie said...

But: Estelle Parsons! I need to go back and see August again now!

I thought the Tonys broadcast was pretty well done this year -- in fact, I was a little disappointed, since I was covering it for TWoP and counting on lots to hate. There were things that could have been better, but it was briskly paced; nobody's acceptance speech was unfairly cut short; the awards were spread around pretty well, and I didn't have a problem with any of the wins. Now if they'd just figure out how to shoot a musical number so it doesn't end up looking like a confused mess, we'd really be on to something.

I'm resigned to the Tonys being a commercial for Broadway, but I do wish they'd find a way to extend that advertising to nonmusicals a little more enthusiastically. I love musicals, but I also love plays, and the box-office imbalance isn't going to get any better if they can't even fit the Revival of a Play Tony into the live broadcast!

whammo said...

My apologies for any offense taken.

Joe Reid said...

Oh my god, not at all. It was funny.