Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Favorite Blog Reactions To Bromance

Bromance, FYI, is the upcoming (Ryan Seacrest-produced!) reality show wherein celebrity oxygen-squanderer Brody Jenner will audition gents to be his newest "bro."

My New Plaid Pants echoes my own thoughts most exactly, zeroing in on the shameful act of finding Jenner detestable but hot. Plus a couple photos of Brody sporting some admirable ass cleavage.

Best Week Ever lets the "bros" fly and makes the appropriate Entourage reference.

Defamer is more dismayed than amused, though they offer the best summary of the show so far: "[T]his is a dating show for dudebros who probably don't understand what the word 'repression' means."

And, as always, the least amusing take on the show is given by AfterElton, the well-meaning, killjoy blog of choice for gay outrage.

Oh, and in case you were curious, I will absolutely watch this show.


Kris McN said...

For shame, Joe R! You will dish about it regularly though, right? Not that I'd be interested. At all. Hm-mm, nope.

Anonymous said...

This whole concept still has me giggling so much I have tears in my eyes. What hell hath Big Brother wrought?

Sandman said...

I plan on using the fantastic "oxygen-squanderer" often.