Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Low Res Celebrates So You Think You Can Dance Week, Day 6

Yeah, sorry. I missed yesterday and I almost missed today. Did I mention how it's been 100 degrees for four days, I have no a/c, and I'm moving? Yeah, so sorry and all, but I've got bigger fish to fry. On the sidewalk (it's HOT, motherfuckers).

Anyway, so I'm going to post two clips today and two tomorrow. And then I promise I'll stick to Season 4 (and for those of you who could give a shit about this show, I promise I'll talk about other things).

Both of today's clips feature the much-maligned Lauren Gottlieb, who I really liked. The fact that she partnered with Neil so much didn't hurt, but I also really appreciated her energy and her goofiness and the fact that she didn't much hide the fact that she was hot for Neil. Girl, I feel you.

First up is Neil and Lauren's best dance together, the Wade Robson-choreographed angel/devil jazz routine. Again, my preference for more performancey/actorly dances prevails, and Lauren and Neil really throw themselves into this.

The second clip is probably the best dancing Lauren did all season, her contemporary routine with Danny. It's very similar to the Lacey/Kameron routine I posted last week, true, but I cannot get enough of the way Lauren and Danny move around here. Mia Michaels says the movement is "alien." Uh, sure. That works. It's gorgeous, to me. And I love how it's urgent and triumphant, in keeping with the music (Celine!). Probably my favorite dancing from Lauren AND Danny.

Check in tomorrow for my two favorite things about Season 3!


patty m. said...

Wade Robson's routines always blow my mind -- and the bigger the group dancing them, the more amazing they are. They remind me a little of Tim Burton's best movies: gothic, beautiful, and somehow otherworldly. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll admit, Lauren has grown on me quite a bit. It's just, she started off so slow- her and Neil's first three routines are easily the most mediocre compared to everyone else's except Cedric- not to mention the mess with Jessi's elimination. And then she lucked into the two best choreographers and blew past two girls I really liked but were overshadowed by their partners' manufactured storylines and didn't get much choreographer luck. So I really didn't give her a fair shot in the top 10 when she started doing very well. Looking back, she's a much better dancer then I gave her credit for then, and if I could pick any five girls out of the top ten, she'd probably be one of them Maybe. Definitely. No. Yes. Dang it- there's just to much talent, I don't want to leave anyone out. How am I gonna get through another season of this?

Mertseger said...

I liked Lauren as a dancer, but her disastrous interview early on when she boasted of passing for an Asian when clubbing sort of cast a pall on my opinion of her for the rest of the season. Clearly, she meant the interview to be goofy, but it just came off as dubious at best and obliviously racist at worst. On the other hand, they are dancers: we don't really need or want them to be models of diplomacy and tact. (A friend of mine was attending UCLA in the way back and once had dinner with most of 1984 US Olympic Men's Gymnastics team prior to the Games that summer. He said it was the most boring evening of his life. They could talk of nothing but gymnastics. One presumes that a similar lack of breadth obtains with focussed dancers as well.) Nick has pretty consistently proven himself to be an asshole since his season one victory, but that takes nothing from his victory and his dance ability. I suspect we'd all rather hang with Travis, though.

Kris McN said...

Ok, so SYTYCD is great and all, but I really hope you're planning on watching Randy Jackson Presents: America's Next Dance Crew when it starts next week. The live auditions already came and went. I can't be alone in my love of this show!