Sunday, June 08, 2008

Low Res Celebrates So You Think You Can Dance Week, Day 5

Sorry about the no posting on Friday. Busy, busy, busy. Anyway, we're taking this week up until Wednesday, when the competition begins, so a few more entires to go.

As I mentioned last week, my eyes have been opened to the ass-kickery of Travis Wall, so today's post presents a couple of my favorite dances of his. The first is the one everybody's been recommending, the park bench routine with Heidi that's won Emmy awards and heaps upon heaps of praise. I've found a clip with the whole segment on it, because for me, watching Travis and Mia shepherd Heidi through a difficult routine that was out of her comfort zone is at least half of the charm of the whole dance.

Next, one of Travis's solo performances, which I'm including not just because it's great (though it is), but because of Mia telling Travis she'd like to work with him for the rest of her career. You guys! How awesome!

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jessica said...

You rock, Joe. But seriously, get your hands on the whole second season.