Thursday, June 05, 2008

Low Res Celebrates So You Think You Can Dance Week, Day 4

Okay, that was a great audition episode of SYTYCD last night, was it not? There were probably more memorable auditioners last night than in the three previous episodes combined. Jeremiah Hughes is going to have to step aside, because I have a new favorite this season, and I also managed to score a favorite from two seasons ago! That's right: this show enabled me to travel through time!

Anyway, some talking points (and god damn the FOX site for not having any images from this season):

-- That "hot teacher" Shakira girl kind of tripped all of Nigel's horndoggy tendencies at once, didn't she? I also loved how later on Nigel decided to take up the cause of beautiful girls everywhere and the dance partners who don't show the appropriate amount of naked desire for them. "That is a beautiful, sexy woman you are dancing with! She is grinding her ass on your crotch! How dare you fail to sport a boner right now!"

-- I need to thank that doofus who danced to "Simply Irresistible," because it made me hop right on over to YouTube and watch that video again. ...Ahhhh, that's the cheesy '80s stuff.

-- My favorites this week included that tap-dancing girl, Evan Kasprzak (despite overuse of the hat in his routine), Jannette the "soccer ball" girl (LOVED that trick!), and most especially Cooper Zamorano, who is TOTALLY my new favorite.

-- Cooper got compared to Travis Wall from Season 2, who I didn't realize was the choreographer for the second-chancers. (Also, I have to ask: if I'm as worn out by the repetition of that Rihanna "Shut Up & Drive" song from this segment, week after week, why did I just go download it?) Anyway, I haven't seen hardly any of Season 2, but after Travis made a special appearance at the end of the episode working the shit out of a tired drag routine, I already know who my favorite was. God damn. He's the one who lost to Lacey's brother? COME ON.

Anyway, in honor of dear Travis, my new favorite from a season I've never seen, here the one routine from Season 2 that I have seen and, conveniently enough, love beyond all measure. It's a Mia Michaels (...I know) group number, and all that that implies. Oh, and the song is that Imogen Heap song from both the O.C. season finale that one year and the resulting SNL parody that in turn got parodied all over the internet, with ever-diminishing returns. It's no longer funny, like at all, but luckily I have a new cultural reference for the song now. Enjoy!


NYOne said...

OMG, so have you not seen the Travis/Heidi Bench dance?!?!

It's by Mia Michaels, and is maybe my favorite routine of all time. Go now, thank me later.

Joe Reid said...

Actually, after posting this I went and YouTubed about a half-dozen Travis routines, including the bench dance. Lovely, is what that routine is. Travis, too, for that matter.

Melissa said...

That bench routine won Mia Michaels an Emmy last year. A well-deserved Emmy.

The bench routine is my favorite SYTYCD routine ever.

Anonymous said...

benji winning season 2 was a travis-ty

jessica said...

It is a beautiful routine. And actually, their paso doble from the same night is pretty dramatic and cool too. It's not a bench routine, but they did really well with it.