Monday, June 02, 2008

Low Res Celebrates So You Think You Can Dance Week

This is mostly so that I can purge what's been bouncing around inside my head, or, failing that, rope the rest of you into my madness. So now that I've found this new obsession, I've been YouTubing dance routines like crazy. I'll be posting one a day for you guys to view and comment on, leading up to the first episode of actual competition for Season 4, which I believe is next Wednesday.

So today's clip is from the first episode of that weekend-long marathon that I caught on MTV a few weeks ago. There's a moment in this dance -- Lacey and Kameron dancing a contemporary routine choreographed by Mia Michaels -- where Lacey just throws herself at Kameron and then bounces right back. That moment right there sold me on this show for good. I guess my dirty little secret about this show is that I really love the super-duper dramatic routines (which is why it should be no surprise that Mia is my favorite choreographer). It's probably a result of me being born ten years too late (or too early) and not getting all that emo shit out of my system via The Cure (or Dashboard). Regardless, there's a kind of abandon that Lacey displays here that just floors me still.

Enjoy it for yourselves:


Melissa said...

I still have this episode saved on my TiVo from last year because of this routine. Mia is a choreographing genius.

So You Think You Can Dance Week - you're my hero! I can't wait to see what other routines you post.

K said...

I was hooked on the show starting in season 2, but that routine, which was from the first competition episode of last season, was what made me totally fall in love with the show forever ever.

Anonymous said...

I just started watching this season, and I love it. That routine was incredibly powerful. I haven't seen anything from past episodes, so thanks for SYTYCD Week!

Carrie Ann said...

I also love all the super-emo routines the best. That was from the very first episode last year, right? Heidi and Benji (Lacey's cousin and brother, from Season 2) were wonderful dancers, but didn't show much emotional range, so Lacey completely shocked me in that routine. I can't wait for the real show to start.

jessica said...


I haven't seen this season yet. Your newfound obsession (and actually, all the positive comments here and elsewhere) has sparked my own newfound obsession. I acquired all 3 seasons and on Memorial Day started watching a few episodes each day. I'm currently in the middle of season 2 and am LOVING IT. This routine was amazing even without sound (I'm at work) and it totally got me excited for season 3. I should be completely caught up by next week. YAY!

Some routines from season 1 you should look at: Melody & Nick (I think there were 2?) and Jamile & Denise's hip-hop.

Anna Rain said...

I did not like Lacey at all in the audition episodes, she just seemed so fake to me, but then she did this routine and I was completely won over. She is amazing. I loved Kameron, too, and felt bad that he suffered by such close proximity to Lacey's blazing talent.

Anonymous said...

That moment that you pinpointed was also, for me, "the moment". I remember actually gasping when i saw it the first time, which was the first episode of this show that I've ever watched.

I've been hooked ever since.