Friday, June 20, 2008

Lightning-Fast So You Think You Can Dance Thoughts

I was fully intending to bypass blogging the show this week, but it turns out that I HAVE OPINIONS THAT MUST BE HEARD.


Okay, so my three favorite routines were Kherington and Twitch (again -- best dance of the night), Joshua and Katee (again), and Courtney and Gev, who I have resigned myself to liking way more than the judges ever will. I thought they were just lovely -- yes, the choreography was simple, and yes they stumbled once or twice, but in was in service of a gorgeous and deeply felt performance. I am also rapidly falling in love with weird little Mark and all the different ways the show can use "quirky" to mean "scorchingly homosexual."

As for Susie and Marquis...I didn't think they were so terrible. I can see what the judges were saying as far as some of the technical aspects, but I liked their energy, and that lift was terribly impressive. Nothing quite so awful as Comfort and Chris's listless so-called "krumping."

As for the miscellania, despite my occasional problems with his maculinity issues, I absolutely love how animated Uncle Nigel gets. Between his boogie-infused joy over the Broadway routine to his showing Chris how krumping should be done (and doing a hell of a lot better at it, sadly), I'm almost sorry I ever compared him to the Phantasm guy. Almost.

Oh, and Cat Deely crouching down to put Chelsie's rogue toe back in her shoe encapsulates everything I love about her. I think Mia Michaels's boner was about to burst through her pants at that one. And who can blame her?


Mertseger said...

We're pretty much in agreement on this episode. I was not expecting this week to be as good as it was. I had Twitchington first, Chelsie and Mark second and Katie and Joshua third. I think that the set up for Twitchington was overwrought, and, yes, Kherington went to a rather superficial pretty princess place in her facial performance, but they were both stunning. Chelsie, OTOH, is not as gorgeous on camera as some of the women this year, but when she starts dancing she goes to some place beyond. Wow, HOT and appropriate tango 'tude from both of them. Katie And Joshua got way more dance into that single routine than we usually see, and props for that. And it was nice that a song other than Day By Day was selected from Godspell. But verse 2 is supposed to express comical woe, and Katie, in particular, missed that contrast in her performance. Oh, and the Chaplin waddle is supposed to be done with the legs together, Katie. Sill, you had to love the shear energy of the two and their strangely solid connection to each other as partners.

Joe Reid said...

Totally agree on the awesomeness of Mark and Chelsie's tango. If I'm ranking the teams based on the first two weeks, I'd put it:

1) Twitchington
2) Katee and Joshua
3) Chelsie and Mark
4) Courtney and Gev
5) Kourtni and Matt
6) Chelsea and Thayne
7) Will and Jessica
8) Comfort and Chris

Dear Famous A$$hole said...

I actually LOVED the Courtney/Gev dance and was totally confused by the judges responses. However, the other Kourtni has sort of been bugging me and I'm not sure why. I really loved her during the auditions, but ever since I've been feeling very meh towards her. Katee has def grown on me, but I like Josh way more than I like her. Feel the same way toward Kherrington--like her, but LOVE, love, love Twitch. Chelsie and Mark are magic for me. I was fully prepared to hate Chelsie with the fire of a thousand burning suns and I don't at all.

I would, however, like to punch Mia Michaels in the face. She is a wonderfully talented choreographer, but she also seems to be her own biggest fan. As opposed to the other judges, who I genuinely feel are so rooting for everyone there to do well and succeed, she comes off as whiny, argumentative and in love with the sound of her won voice (for me, at least).

Also, Did anyone else happen to catch Mary Murphy's outfit on Tues??? Whoa boy...