Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again: Democracy Doesn't Work"

Holy shit, you guys. So you know how instead of conceding a primary she's already lost, Hillary Clinton went on TV last night and said she'd weigh her options and asked her supporters to post messages on her website that would help her decide what to do. About a primary she's already lost. You really have to check out the sage counsel she's getting from her people. It's...awesome.

And yes, I realize there are crazies and partisans on both sides of the fence and nothing brings those people out in more mouth-frothing numbers than an election campaign. I also realize that I have repeatedly slammed other people for equating comments on a blog with the blog itself (hello, Buzz Bissinger). But this is what's currently being published on the web site of a major party candidate for President of the United States. These are the messages Hillary said she wants to listen to. Paranoid ("THEY CHEATED!" "I WANT NAMES!"), racist ("BHO," the Obama moniker that emphasizes that, OMG, his middle name is Hussein (!) permeates), hateful, delusional ("HILLARY WILL PREVAIL AND SHE WILL BE THE NOMINEE !!!"), and most of all counterproductive.

If Hillary really wants to glean anything from her call to commenters, hopefully it will be that she sees just how many Democrats she has whipped up into such a partisan frenzy that they're declaring their allegiance to John McCain and refusing to ever vote for the Democratic nominee for president, Barack Obama. Maybe she'll see how her immediate and vociferous support for her party's nominee is necessary in order to turn the tide and end this lamentable streak of DNC fuck-uppery. If Hillary can start to see herself as part of the solution to such fuck-uppery rather than its latest victim (which is how she's encouraged her supporters to view the Michigan/Florida results), it'll be the first positive thing I've seen her do in months.

I was with her for a while. I admired her, even if I liked the other guy better, until she jumped on that "elitist" bandwagon and rode the Rev. Wright thing to her Pyrrhic victory in Pennsylvania. I'd like to be with her again. There are lots of ways to be a leader in this country, and if she can lead her wayward supporters back to sanity, that'd be step one.


Linda said...

Not to mention the people who are literally saying they will vote for John McCain in order to teach Obama a lesson.

There you go; that's some sound thinking. Screw over THE ENTIRE COUNTRY to prove a point to one guy. Slow clap, idiot.

The fact that she hasn't already smacked down some of this idiocy and told people that under no circumstances does she want anyone voting for John McCain out of loyalty to her makes me respect her even less than I already did. And I already kind of didn't.

Kris McN said...

Joe, Linda - word.

That Bootleg Guy said...

Way to ignore the reports that Mrs. Clinton would be "open" to being tabbed as Obama's running mate. How awesome of her.

Honestly, the last several months have come *this* close to ruining the American political process for me, for good. I really do remember a time when you could have a half-way civilized discussion on politics in this country.

Now, I'm expected to believe that after months of vicious sniping, Hilary's eventual endorsement of Obama will mean anything beyond its transparent concession?

Elwood said...

She had her one last chance for grace and saving what's left of her reputation last night, and she didn't do it.

How far the Clintons have fallen in my eyes...