Thursday, June 05, 2008

12 Days of Summer Movies: Continued

Yesterday, I took on My Summer of Love:
But it's important to investigate a movie like this, just to see whether our definition of "summer movie" is elastic enough to encompass the occasional Brit indie about teen lesbians, sad-sack evangelical Christians, and the stifling boringness of small-town life. No surfing competitions, no beach volleyball, no bets to turn the ugly duckling at camp into a swan.

Followed by Couch Baron's take on One Crazy Summer today:
Hoops's last resistance is broken down when he confesses his fear of boats, and Cassandra counters with this: "Maybe you just haven't had the right kind of experience on a boat." Filming this movie can't have helped.

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jessica said...

Oh, Demi Moore before she had boobs. Those were the days.