Friday, May 30, 2008

SYTYCD: Week 2

Again, I'm kind of treading water through the auditions, but given that in just one week we managed to blaze through Salt Lake City, Dallas, D.C., and Charleston, so it can't be much longer now!

Tuesday's episode (SLC and Dallas) was kind of a non-event, save for Mary getting all crunk in that one dude's face. But she managed to do that again last night, and there were actual memorable dancers to boot so let's talk about that.

Anyway, the guest judge in Charleston was Tyce Diorio, and the guest judge in D. C. was Dan Karaty. Weirdly, I like them both. This is how you know I'm still fresh and new to the show -- I like all the judges. I even like Nigel's increasingly Byzantine word puzzles as he builds up to bestowing the tickets to Vegas. ("I like the way you dance with your heart on your sleeve. You know what else has a heart? A queen. And what do certain thuggish types who choose not to smoke keep up their sleeves? A deck of cards. And where does a queen of hearts show up on a deck of cards? ...Las Vegas, that's right!")

I have to note with some sadness, after one of the loser montages last night, that the "Thriller" dance has most definitely become a tired cultural signpost. How's about we leave that one alone for a while and let it replenish? We could replace it with Janet Jackson's "If" dance, maybe?

So I'm finally noticing dancers who I can see myself cheering for in the competition rounds. Courtney Galliano did this contemporary dance that I found completely beautiful. She seems awful young, but she made a joke about wanting Mary to call her a "hot tamale train" and that made me laugh.

As for Jeremiah Hughes...fuck, I am in trouble. The second I saw him I knew he'd be a favorite of mine, and he proved to be a compelling, if imperfect, dancer. ...And then he started talking. Just a whole bunch of existential dippity-doo. And yet...I'm sorry, you guys. I am but one man. He's got spiritual divinity! He danced to the Goo Goo Dolls! Whatever, I have no defense, and I'm fine with that. There was also no call for Nigel to tell him to button up his shirt, though.

As for the Great Tranny Smackdown of Aught-Eight...I'm of two minds. One is that Nigel was full of shit with his "this is why fathers don't want their sons to be dancers" comment, and Daniel at TWoP explains exactly why. How about we don't let asshole homophobic dads off the hook quite so easily, huh? That being said, I think all three judges immediately sussed out the exact kind of put-on this guy was doing, and their anger was, in a bizarre way, a rallying of the troops around dancers who come by their fagginess honestly. ...At least, I hope that was what was going on. I'm really not psyched about another reality show where the judges are psycho about the guys "dancing like men."

We're gettin' closer, guys! My cable guide says we'll have a Top 20 by next week. And then? It will be ON.

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