Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Smell of Sexcess

Sorry I'm so late with the So You Think You Can Dance update today, guys. Long day. Long, drowsy day. Anyway, this being an audition episode, I was kind of treading water, and I ended up multitasking while I watched. Not an indication that my infatuation with the show has passed, by any means. I already knew I wasn't going to take to the audition episodes, given how much I loathe them on Idol. But this season premiere had its moments.

For one thing, Mia Michaels drunk off her ass on the first day was a highlight. I must've watched that Freudian slip of hers (memorialized in this post title) about a dozen times. And at least she admitted she'd been into the wine, unlike some other people, Paula. I know people run hot and cold on Mia, but for now I like her.

Know who else I really like? Nigel Lythgoe. It's the strangest thing. Yes, it's kind of weird to see him get all angry at the people who dare to waste his time (he's a producer on the show -- if you don't want the a-holes, don't let them audition, otherwise who are you kidding?), but he's also a really good sport, particularly with the pop-n-lockin' guy near the end.

Speaking of the pop n lockers...I don't know. They're really good at what they do, and sometimes they seem to be able to translate that into something I'd consider dancing, but a lot of this stuff just seems gimmicky. A novelty act. I kept thinking of Cirque de Soleil with some of these guys: talented controtionists, but talented in that 5th-grade-talent-show way where your best friend's talent was being able to dislocate his own elbow.

Hok and Dominic showing up again was a mixed bag. Hok's cool and all, but Dominic drives me crazy. Sometimes he seems like a fun guy, but other times he's like a hyperactive little Rumplestiltskin.

Can't remember any of the good dancers off the top of my head -- and I doubt I will until the actual competition round starts, but as long as Mia Michaels is sloshing around and Mary Murphy is screaming at her, I'll be just fine.


patty m. said...

I understand why the judges let one or two pop n lockers onto the show each season, but it's always painful to watch the audience vote them to safety week after week when they just can't keep up with the other dancers in the other styles. This show is like the anti-Daughtry. He was able to twist all the Idol theme nights to his own brand of Live-like rock; I love how, on SYTYCD, dancers can't get away with doing the same thing over and over again.

We'll make it through the auditions together!

StinkyLulu said...

Watching that last "popper" I realized that the dirty little secret of the "pop'n'lock" scene is that it's street mime without the face paint. Probably an obvious observation but I hadn't realized it until now...