Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Summer In The City

After a fine afternoon of museuming (this car explosion exhibit at the Guggenheim was particularly impressive), I decided to cut through Central Park on my way back to the train, because, hey, I was already exhausted, why not completely wreck myself?

I'm so glad I did, though, because just as an update for you all:

Central Park is still gorgeous.

And PACKED! Every square inch of grass was occupied by someone or other enjoying the sunshine, or else they were out on the rowboats, or biking, or (shudder) jogging.

And, yes, as always when I pass the Bethesda fountain, my mind immediately went to Angels in America, because my brain is both singularly-focused and movie-obsessed. And ever since moving to the city, I've become more obsessed with that movie than ever, because now it's not just a startling and peerless artistic triumph, it's also six solid hours of geography porn.

That opening descent-from-heaven credits sequence manages to be even more breathtaking:

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Mollie said...

That fountain makes me think of Godspell.

I too was startled by the wall-to-wall people on the Great Lawn yesterday. Also by the lack of traffic on the streets. I walked into the park and was like, Oh, so this is where everyone is.