Friday, May 09, 2008

Spruce Up Your Jackets

Just saw that very promo for this weekend's SNL, which has me psyched -- not because Dear Shia's hosting, though I'm sure this is just his next step towards world domination (which, now that I think about it: Reese Witherspoon is going to have to either conquer him sexually or else have him killed if she wants the universe for herself).

No, I'm more pumped to see Kristen Wiig in the Suze Orman getup. The people must know! The People must see! The people must...get a clip of it up on YouTube because I can't find it anywhere.

As always, this story will be filed under "W." Not for Wiig, but for "Whaaaaaa?"


Grunt said...

I thought nyou hated SNL and hadn't found it funny in decades? Why the change of heart?

Joe Reid said...

Not me. I love most of the current cast.

Grunt said...

Damn, now it's gonna bug me all weekend who it was who hated the current cast.

jessica said...

I think that was djb on the TWOP Week Without Pity videos, which Joe here has assisted on.