Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Save Me a Dance, You Hunk!"

So aside from an excellent Greek last night, the parade of awesome Monday TV rolled on with the season finale of Gossip Girl as well as, in my opinion, the finest episode of The Paper to date.

Gossip Girl did perhaps the most genius thing of the whole season at the very end there, jumping ahead one week and sending everyone off on a summer that looks to be completely different than what we expected literally the minute before. I love that, whereas Battlestar Galactica jumps ahead a year or Desperate Housewives leaps five years, all Gossip Girl has to do to send these high schoolers (however deep-pocketed they may be) in wild new directions is jump ahead one week. Brilliant.

The episode also solidified my utter love for Blair and Chuck, the finest pairing of a Mean Girl and attempted rapist you will ever meet. As Lauren and I were saying last night, we'd totally tune in to watch The Blair and Chuck Show, with Eric Van Der Woodsen as their shared bestie, Nate Archibald around to sex the two of them up from time to time, Jenny Humphrey as the villainess she was born to be...and Dan, Vanessa, and Serena doing other things as well.

Also, I have a weird respect for the deeply fucked up, yet also oddly mature, Lily/Bart marriage. Oh, dude, Lily Bart! I just got that right now!

As for The Paper...you guys, for real. Best show on TV. From Amanda bellowing the title of this post across the room (...then clarifying that she was saying it to "Larry," not "Ben," whoever they are), to the improbably and wildly inspirational tale of Adam Brock winning Homecoming King. And speaking of towering achievements, how about Alex wresting the title of Bitchiest, Whiniest, Most Loathsome Character away from Giana and Trevor? Particularly in an episode where Giana and Trevor didn't exactly give up without a fight. But undoubtedly, Giana and Trevor blowing off the newspaper group photo (which: how adorable that Adam believes in the healing power of a group photos? Didn't we all once believe in that?) was preferable to Alex standing for the photo but making sure everybody knew just how much he thought it sucked, before he went back to making out with Girl Alex. [Which, by the way: what was up with that horse-whinny sound effect when the Alexes were making out? I want to buy that sound editor a case of beer.]

Oh, and we can't forget the dance montage set to C&C Music Factory, wherein we got to peep Amanda's stellar robot skillz. And, ever the faithful reporter, Amanda managed to keep her classmates, and indeed the viewing audience, updated on the sweat levels of the guys in the room. Well done, Amanda!


M said...

Seriously, I wanted to smack Alex right in the bitchface. It's been, what, six months (in Paper-land) since the teacher made the ed board selections? It's time to stop whining about not getting the job you wanted, stop acting like a damn child, and do the job on which your grade depends.

Side note: Am I the only one who wonders why the teacher seems never to have said to anyone, "Look, part of being on a newspaper staff - or holding any job - involves learning to work with and for people you personally dislike, so you all need to suck it up and remember that part of your grade depends on putting this paper out in a professional and civilized manner"? Monkeying with seating charts is all well and good, but it seems there might also be some value in telling the kids to just shut the hell up.

jessica said...

Lily Bart! Seriously, The House of Mirth is one of my all-time favorite books. Maybe I should watch Gossip Girl.

JA said...

If I had a cell phone, my ring would be Amanda saying "Your crotch!" to Adam over and over again. Delightful.

Alex is a little bitch, but he's a little bitch that suddenly reminded me of myself in HS an awful lot this past episode. I don't mean that to excuse him - I was a little bitch myself - but I do understand the seeming terror he greets interaction with the "lower caste" of old friends once a slightly ever so higher caste has accepted him. I did the same thing my Senior year of high school and regret it all the time. My old friends were/are SO much cooler than the tools I was trying to be cool for.

Joe Reid said...

That's the best part of the show, to me. I can see parts of myself, at different stages of my life, in all of these kids. I've been the Amanda, sure, but far more often I was the Alex, or the Adam, or, on my worst days, the Giana.

Amanda said...

I demand to know why Joey got grounded! I demand more Joey in general.

Anonymous said...

Amanda should have thrown Alex down on the floor and done the Mexican hat dance on whatever he had left in ball territory. Seriously, how can you sit in a classroom with that guy for so long without permanently damaging something?