Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Round Springfield

Overwhelming Positivity is up with its next podcast. I'm not on this one, but Dave and Tara took their show on the road and picked up a pair of hilarious Minnesotans when they got there. The results speak for themselves (including at least one moment that had me burst out laughing so loud I am certain my neighbors heard me), so go give it a listen!

Jason at My New Plaid Pants is up with one of the least bitter Indiana Jones reviews on the internet (I'm not exactly surprised that there's been vitriol expressed towards the film, but way more people hated it than I expected to). But more importantly, he's here to tell us who he saw making out in line waiting to see said movie. Which I find WAY more interesting. Brooke McQueen gets her man again!

Sad news today as Sydney Pollack has passed away. The wonderful Nathaniel at The Film Experience gives my favorite eulogy of the ones I've read today, once which (unsurprisingly) focuses very much on the movies.

Finally, and this is from last week, Gothamist reports on Hillary Clinton's response to her RFK gaffe. And it was a gaffe, I do believe that. It was Hillary's inelegant (and kind of misleading, as is her wont) way of illustrating examples of primary campaigns lasting deep into the summer. But I agree with the outraged response to the gaffe, too. Not only was it incredibly insensitive and tin-eared to bring up the specter of assassination at a time when we're about to get our first black major-party candidate for President, but much more importantly it gets to the root of the real reasons why Hillary is hanging around in this campaign. She's waiting for disaster to strike the Obama campaign, in the form of a scandal (a serious, Spitzer-level scandal) or worse. Robert F. Kennedy got something worse. The fact that Hillary is waiting around, digging furiously for something tawdry enough to reverse the tide of superdelegates flowing Obama's way, is bad enough. To bring up RFK's name while you're hanging around waiting for something terrible to happen? Kind of appalling.

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Deirdre said...

I didn't even know Pollack was sick. What a shame. I interviewed him a couple of years ago and he couldn't have been kinder. By which I mean, if he was rolling his eyes at his assistant over my inane questions, I couldn't hear it in his voice. He will be missed.