Wednesday, May 28, 2008

'Round Springfield XVII

[I'm numbering the link posts now, both so I don't have a billion entries with the same title and also so I can bone up on my Roman numerals.]

Best Week Ever provides a scouting report of sorts for what you're likely to encounter should you brave the Sex and the City movie in theatres this weekend. Though there really should have been an entry on snarky bloggers who are only attending in order to better make fun of the finished product.

One of my very favorite things is when my pal Jason at MNPP embarks upon a defense of so-called "torture porn." I still may not be entirely sold on the merits of Hostel, but Jason's dead-on on the merits.

The blogs are buzzing today with news of a California poll that shows -- for the first time ever -- that there is majority support for gay marriage in the state. The fantastic Dan Savage takes heart and the usually-pretty-right-on Andrew Sullivan reminds us how and why this is important.

The 1999 Supporting Actress Smackdown may be finished, but Stinkylulu still has one last performance to profile: Catherine Keener's elusive, unknowable Maxine in Being John Malkovich.

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