Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Once Again, The Universe Has Let Me Down

You mean to tell me the news that The Real World is coming to Brooklyn has been out for over a day now and nobody's thought to tell me? For shame, Low Res readers. For shame!

I have to say, the assumption that Bunim-Murray will throw the kids into some swanked-out loft in Williamburg is probably right on target. Which should make for, like, the Alien vs. Predator of urban resentment. Who's going to say that the Real Worlders are a blight on the community when the community in question is already being blighted by gentrification and the dreaded hipsters?

And once again, the Gothamist comments come through for me in the hilarity department. Brooklyn is so over, you guys. At least the parts where you won't get mugged. The muggy places are authentic!

In other news, I know no one's gonna listen to me, but you need to be watching The Real World: Hollywood. Muscle-head Joey (above) is the train wreck to end all train wrecks. Like, it's debatable whether putting him on TV is a human rights violation. He is so clearly in need of deep psychiatric help, and all anyone cares about is keeping his dysfunctional ass in front of a camera. It's...fucked up. But in an intensely watchable way. Also, watch to see how many more people that busted-face hick Kimberly can offend before the season's over. So far, we're at black people, poor people, drug addicts, and strippers. Senator McCain, I think we've found that female running mate you've been looking for!

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