Thursday, May 29, 2008

Observations I Can Make While Watching Long-Since-Canceled TV Shows

I have no idea why the Oliver storyline on The O.C. got such a bad rap. This shit is awesome.

I've started DVRing the early seasons of The O.C. for downtime now that I'm pretty sure I've cycled through all the Will & Grace episodes that air eight times daily. It's enjoyable, it's disposable, I can watch it while doing other things, it's actually pretty well-written (at least where Seth and Summer are concerned). It's exactly what I'm looking for. Oh, one more observation, though:

Who the hell thought this Anna person was a good idea? The show already had an unlikeable girl played by a crappy actress, okay? And her name was Marissa.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you know what always bugged me about the Oliver storyline? It was like the teen version of Big Bird and the Snuffleupagus -- Here's Ryan, a hereforeto relatively reliable guy, running around all "Watch out for this guy! He's crazy! He's crazy and he's obsessive. Crazy, obsessive and a stalker. Crazy, obsessive, a stalker, and he's armed! He's trying to kill Marissa! He's trying to kill himself! He's trying to kill ME -- somebody help!" and everyone was all "Ryan, geeze, man, what's your problem? He's just a little misunderstood. How could a guy with such a blatant handle on the ways of Eddie Haskel be bad news?"

And yet.

Of course, stuff like that happened pretty much bi-weekly on BH90210, and no one seemed that fazed.

Joe Reid said...

See, to me, that's the best part. How Oliver was totally, clearly, obviously whacked. How he'd keep talking about "Natalie," his unseen girlfriend, and you KNEW she was made up, for like five or six whole episodes, and still you'd have Seth be like, "I don't think he'd make up a girlfriend, Ryan." So fantastic.

Plus it gave Ryan new and exciting reasons to punch people.

Tara said...

Oh my God, THANK YOU. I totally agree on both counts. The Oliver storyline was what made me think, however briefly, that The O.C. might eventually achieve the camp greatness of the Brenda years of 90210 -- and then he was gone. And Samaire Armstrong sucked then and has sucked every time I've seen her since, and I still don't like that Anna character even now that she's migrated to Gossip Girl and gotten everyone to call her "Vanessa."

Anonymous said...

For one, I completely am with you on the Oliver thing, that was awesome and the ideal place for an outlandish teen drama to go.

It's weird, for me, because at the time when those episodes were airing, I found Anna really adorable, but watching them again, I have no idea why, since most of her "acting" involves scrunching up her nose. So I assume I must have enjoyed her ironically at the time? Oh, plus this OC fan band based out of Berkeley Law (I think they were called Orange Crush!) had a song called "Anna Face" that was crazy-catchy. They also gave out a real live Sandy Cohen Legal Fellowship. Man, I miss Sandy Cohen.

patty m. said...

I freaking loved Sandy Cohen. All the weird stuff that happened between him and Seth (and his alcoholic wife -- Ooh, she's got vodka in the freezer. I ask you: Who doesn't have vodka in their freezer?!) during the later seasons is what finally soured me on the show.

Yes, Anna was dreadful, but she wore scarves. And, as we all know, White People Love Scarves.

Joe Reid said...

It's bizarre, because back in the day, when I didn't really watch the show, I was under the impression that everybody really loved Anna and was rooting for her and Seth. But now, I have yet to find one single person who likes her.

Maria said...

Yeah, nobody was rooting for Anna and Seth. I didn't hate Anna, but boy howdy did I not want her coming between Seth and Summer. The whole "female version of Seth, is she his true soulmate?" thing was just so contrived, but could have been somewhat believable and considerably more entertaining with a better actress.

It made me insane at the time (what, me? overly invested in TV characters?), but is hilarious in retrospect, that everyone was so enthralled with New Kid Oliver that they fell out of love with Former New Kid Ryan. Like, whichever Charismatic Guy arrived most recently, that's who we're putting our faith in. Character and common sense have nothing to do with it; we're all about seniority.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I remember people rooting for Seth & Anna. They were out there. I do not remember that whole thing as a Seth/Summer slam dunk.

Its a fair point on Oliver being ingenious camp -- he absolutely is. I think where the OC can mess me up from time to time is that sometimes it's campy-good, and sometimes it's, like... pretty legitimately good. Few shows have ever leapt back and forth over that line with such vigor.