Friday, May 16, 2008

More Pilot Sneak Peeks

Via, here's a first look at a couple of my more anticipated new TV shows:

First up is Fringe, the JJ Abrams sci-fi drama for FOX. I have no idea what's going on -- looks very X-Files, but merely getting an isolated scene doesn't help much -- yet I'm still compelled. Joshua Jackson is crazy annoying, though. That's going to be a problem. John Noble, however, could work.

Next is CBS's mid-season mystery Harper's Island, which I immediately want to see, even though I realize a premise like this is totally going to live or die on the execution, and a preview isn't really going to tell me about that one way or another. This seems like some combination of Stephen King. Agatha Christie, and that show Kidnapped that nobody watched but me. I hope it's good, but I've been suckered by this kind of thing before: John Doe, that CBS show about the wolves, the FOX show about Satan's daughter. All crap. Let's hope this is different.

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