Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Night's Lost

-- Okay, first of all, I knew that was Michelle Forbes's voice in the previews last week. I have to think she's going to get more to do in upcoming episodes than simply being the Oceanic PR lady. Though, I suppose I said the same thing when Zoe Bell was throwing herself into the bottom of the ocean. But...Michelle Forbes! Helena Cain! She's gotta be part of the bigger picture.

-- I really love Ben and Locke and their Odd Couple antics. They really are like the island's squabbling parents. The only character Ben plays off better is Hurley, as this week's cracker remark proved.

-- The way Sun talked about two people being responsible for Jin's death made me think Michael was that other person. Or, sure, Sun could be talking about herself, but the mood surrounding Jin, Michael, and Desmond in the room with the C4 made me think a whole lot of people were about to die.

-- Seeing how Nadia became part of the "family" in the flash-forward scenes -- accompanying Sayid to Hurley's party, Jack's father's memorial -- goes a long way to explaining why Sayid would be so devastated that he'd join Ben. He really did have her back in his life. Knowing this and seeing this before we'd heard of Nadia's death might have made that moment hit harder.

-- There seemed to be a whole lot of tension this week surrounding the fates of Hurley and Kate and Sayid, which is of course ridiculous because we know they survive. The fates I'd really be worried about next week are people like Desmond and Sawyer. Yeah, it's equally silly to think such major characters would be killed off, but at least we don't know for certain they survive. And there has to be some reason they get left behind.

Anyway, an astoundingly fast-paced episode, but as the first part of what is essentially a three-hour finale, there wasn't any payoff and two weeks is going to be a long time to wait for the resolution.


JA said...

I was totally with the episode but disliked the ending, mostly just because I wanted it to keep going. TWO WEEKS, MAN! Ugh.

Why'd you have to go and bring up the blatant Zoe Bell disregard? I'd just forgotten about it!

I adore Sun and her scene kicking her father's ass had me very very happy.

I do keep wondering why they act as if there's any tension involved with the fates of our Oceanic 6, and it keeps making me wait for them to throw us a curveball and actually "kill" one of them - it's something that'd seemingly fit in with all the notions of differing time-lines and time-travel and whatnot that's floating around the theory of What Lost Means.

Joe Reid said...

I've actually considered that, too. That one of the O6 will die and the flash-forwards will be revealed to be on some crazy-ass timeline. The only thing that fucks that up is baby Aaron, though.

Hey, also, Michelle Forbes was talking about the Losties being on the island 108 days -- has it only been that long for them? Or is that more time-warping weirdness?

Anonymous said...

It could actually only be 108 days until they make it off. The timeline, at least before all this time-travel buisness, was roughly 1 episode equaled 1 day on the island. I don't know if this is still true since they've introduced all the time weirdness but it does make some kind of sense seeing as how Aaron is supposedly 5 weeks old when they get off the island and he was born mid-way through the first season.