Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a Clarification

Reading the TWoP message boards about the American Idol finale reminded me that apparently we all need a refresher course about some things. Specifically, that this woman:

is NOT FAT. Not even when she's wrapped up in gold foil:

Other women who are also, despite many message board protestations to the contrary, NOT FAT include:

this one

this one (no, seriously)

and, okay, fine:

this one.

Though I retain my right to make fun of Tyra for being an asshole.


Melissa said...


Anonymous said...

YES! And I would further posit that even if these WERE fat women that wouldn't really be a good reason to make fun of them.

However, I think we can all agree that no one should wear a gold foil dress that looks like a 60s sci-fi waitress uniform.

Maria said...

Not to mention, Jordin Sparks and Sara Ramirez are both like 8 feet tall and could kick some serious ass, so messing with them is not wise.

I wish I was as "fat" as Katherine Heigl. Damn.

Deirdre said...

People think Heigl is fat? Really? Was it possibly lazy, stupid shorthand for how much they don't like her public personality rather than a comment on her actual weight? Because otherwise, I'd like some of whatever it is they're smoking.

It's like when Paulina Porizkova was on The Colbert Report and said she couldn't still work as a model because she's too old and too fat. As a co-worker said to me at the time: what kind of world do we live in?

jessica said...

This is so maddening to me, because it's like tilting at windmills. No matter how reasonable and right your stance, people are still going to look at a woman with the soft, supple curves that women are SUPPOSED TO HAVE -- the very things that make them beautiful bodies to begin with -- and call them fat.

Just ... ugh.