Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Get Some, Hilda!

[Sorry for the scant blogging this week -- it's been somewhat frantic getting this freelance thing off the ground.]

That's Eddie Cibrian up there, getting down with Hilda Suarez in the (I think?) season finale of Ugly Betty in a few weeks. Not bad, lady! It's certainly a much more enjoyable guest appearance than Christian Siriano last week (though Nina Garcia was delightful as always).

Anyway, Eddie's certainly been making the rounds on ABC lately.

First, he was supposed to be in that pilot for Footballers' Wives:

Then he showed up on Dirty Sexy Money:

And then Samantha Who?:

Man, I really need to get on Pamie's case about the state of his cameo on that last one. Shirt and coat? Weak, Pam.

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