Friday, May 02, 2008

Find Out Why There's Just No Baloney About Amanda

Okay, you guys already know you need to be watching The Paper on MTV, right? Because OH MY GOD YOU SERIOUSLY DO. I am not exaggerating when I say that it belongs in the company of other such so-painfully-real-it's-awesome high school shows like My So-Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, and Clone High. [Seriously, no show ever got to the root of anthropomorphic peanuts quite like Clone High.] Anyway, my day was made when I checked my blog feed and saw that FourFour had posted what can only be called an ode to The Paper and its awesomely irritating editor-in-chief Amanda. Check that out, watch the show, and be prepared to discuss it here. Every week. At length.

Other TV shows that have become unmissable since the strike ended:

Gossip Girl: The arrival of Dawn Summers has only put this show over the top. It had graduated from guilty pleasure to regular pleasure a while ago.

Samantha Who?: Which has become essential Monday viewing ever since that Timothy Olyphant episode I loved so much. I would also like to be the first person to openly pine for Jennifer Esposito and Kiele Sanchez to share a scene or two, thereby creating the grand Related reunion I've been longing for (seriously, just call Lizzie Caplan! She's not busy!).

Lost: We've discussed this before. I'm probably more into this show than I ever have been. Last night's episode managed to be very good, even for a Jack-centered episode. And it's honestly been so long since we'd been reminded that Jack and Claire share the same father that I had actually forgotten about it. So it was like being surprised all over again! Awesome.

The Office, which has totally regained its mojo, and 30 Rock, which never lost it.

On the other hand, shows that have become, sadly, entirely missable and end up sitting on my DVR for days on end:

The Riches: I thought this might happen, so I've started to stockpile the episodes for block viewing later on, since waiting a week in between episodes apparently saps all my momentum. Plus keeping Wayne and Dahlia apart so much this season was a really bad idea.

America's Next Top Model: Tyra's as hateful as ever, they got rid of a lot of the interesting car wrecks early on (Allison; Marvita) and kept the boring car wrecks (Fatima; Dominique).

Work Out: You can't expect me to have any stake at all in conflicts between Jackie and Amanda and Jackie and Peeler when I honestly can't stand any of them. Jackie's become so full of herself this season. It's ugly. That being said, Jesse is looking fine and being funny, so we're back to being cool.

My Name Is Earl and Scrubs, which has clearly become the weak sister hour on Thursdays.

What other TV do we need to be talking about here? (And don't bother noting that I already talk too much about TV. I realize.)


JA said...

Last night's 30 Rock was HYSTERICAL.

That is all.

NYOne said...

Well we still have a few weeks (I think) but I am ALREADY excited for the return of So You Think You Can Dance? The previews have me worried that they're focusing more on hip-hop and "tricky" dancers, thus marginalizing the ballroom/latin folks (Paaaaassshaaa) which is sad. But I will for sure be watching and so should you.
Ha, your Broadway GF is singing "Somewhere That's Green" on the Showtunes music channel (637 if you have Time Warner Cable) right now! If you haven't heard it, check out the Little Shop soundtrack with her and Hunter Foster. Unfairly maligned.

jessica said...

I know it's over, but High School Confidential was (to me) extremely ... relatable. In very many ways.

SecretMargo said...

Can we talk about Ugly Betty? I still love it to pieces, but I feel like there are two things going on that are impeding my enjoyment: the constant presence of Freddy Rodriguez as Rico II: This Time His Jerkiness is Supposed to Be Sympathetic?, which isn't so much advancing the central love dilemma as distracting from it irritatingly, and the separation of Amanda and Marc. Do you agree? What are your thoughts?

Joe Reid said...

Not having seen last night's episode yet, I'll say that I think UB has done a decent job of keeping Amanda and Marc in each other's orbit since Wilhelmina's ouster from Mode. They're apart enough to make when they do get together something great, but they're not apart so long that it's ruining the show for me. "Gio" on the other hand...hate that guy. And I normally love Freddy Rodriguez, but man, I really hate the perpetuation of the whole "Betty must reject Mode in order to keep it real" ethos.

SecretMargo said...

I think you're right re: Marc and Amanda, I'm just smarting from their criminal underutilization and complete lack of interaction last night. And as for "Gio," I think he doesn't work because the "authenticity" he seems to be positioned to project is pretty disingenuous if not downright impossible to deal with in a show as candy-colored and otherwise devoted to its own campy unreality as this one is. Plus, he just isn't written very compellingly; being "real" apparently means that you can't be witty.

On the other hand, I got to watch Gabrielle Union call Nina Garcia a slut to her face, so the show's still well worth watching.

[Non-sequitur PS: I miss Cliff!]

Okay, now I'm done.

patty m. said...

I'm sort of horrified to admit this, but I've watched the last three episodes of Moonlight -- no Friday night life at the end of the school year -- and I'm digging it. The plotting is ridiculous, the vampire effects are "meh" at best, but the central characters are so freaking pretty! And they look prettily at each other, and the whole not-very-veiled sexuality of vampirism is played up, and it's all good. Should I be ashamed? Or will anyone else admit to intentionally watching this show?

par3182 said...

thanks for alerting me to 'the paper'; i'm hooked after one epsiode

(but do american high schools really start at 7:30am? that's child abuse in my eyes)

velvet goldmine said...

OK, I'm in! But now that I'm alerted to The Paper's brilliance, I have a general plea. I don't have MTV, so a pal is going to tape it -- MTV's online schedule is pretty vague about episodes. Has anyone seen promos for any kind of marathon, so that we can catch up on them from the beginning?

Thanks for the alert, Joe -- it sounds pretty special.

JA said...

Joe, have you seen the new post at FourFour?

par - Yes, high school in America starts at 7:30am. Or at least mine did. Junior High as well. Ugh, harsh memories of barely being able to keep my eyes open for first period are flooding me now...