Friday, May 30, 2008

Emmy Question

No idea if there's anybody reading this blog who would have an answer for me, but I'll ask regardless. I've been listening to that Battlestar Galactica podcast for Razor, and I got to wondering: would Razor count as an official Made-for-TV Movie as far as the Emmys are concerned? And would that even make a difference in terms of its nominatability? Am I getting wildly optimistic if I think that this might stand a better chance with the television academy? That chance being better than the 0.000% chance BSG stands at getting recognized in the Dramatic Series categories where it belongs, I mean.

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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that since the producers consider Razor as episodes one and two of the season that it might not count as a movie production, but rather a sub-set of the over all season and the the way it is marketed does not matter.

A similar bugaboo would be how some short series have been treated as a mini series.

I am sure there are some arcane rules that will stop BSG from winning. I bet it comes down to how it was financed.