Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogging The 2008 Upfronts, Day 3: CBS

Jesus Christ, how many networks are there these days anyway?

CBS, ahoy!


8 PM: The Big Bang Theory

8:30 PM: How I Met Your Mother

9 PM: Two and a Half Men

9:30 PM: Worst Week

10 PM: CSI: Miami



9 PM: The Mentalist

10 PM: Without a Trace


8 PM: The New Adventures of Old Christine

8:30 PM: Project Gary

9 PM: Criminal Minds

10 PM: CSI: NY


8 PM: Survivor


10 PM: Eleventh Hour


8 PM: Ghost Whisperer

9 PM: The Ex List

10 PM: Numb3rs


8 PM: Crimetime Saturday

9 PM: Crimetime Saturday

10 PM: 48 Hours Mystery


7 PM: 60 Minutes

8 PM: The Amazing Race

9 PM: Cold Case

10 PM: The Unit

-- CBS has easily the worst crop of new shows this season. If I'm the crazy Jericho fanbase, I'm planning another legume offensive just to protest the shitty programming. Eleventh Hour is another procedural, this one starring Rufus Sewell (uh...pass); The Mentalist is essentially Medium with Simon Baker (again: pass); the description for Worst Week says it's "about a good guy who is always trying to do the right thing, yet something always goes wrong - especially when he's around his girlfriend's parents," so... (pass); Project Gary allows Paula Marhsall to work her show-killing powers for good as she'll no doubt deep-six this Jay Mohr comedy (Jay Mohr = pass). The only semi-promising show, The Ex-List from Veronica Mars producer Diane Ruggiero, loses my vote based on lead actress Elizabeth Reaser (the overused and utterly unappealing Ava on Grey's Anatomy). That's 0-for-5, CBS. At least Viva Laughlin only sank one show.

-- The only new show that sounds halfway intriguing -- a murder mystery at a destination wedding (it's like the lost episode of Murder She Wrote!) called Harper's Island -- is slated for midseason.

-- Elsewhere, it appears Moonlight finally got the axe, which, if nothing else, frees Jason Dohring up to join one of Rob Thomas's seventeen other projects in development. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder, because I find myself missing the droopy-faced little fucker.

-- How I Met Your Mother lives to see another season, so at least whoring out to the Britney Spears audience was worth it.

-- I keep saying I want to check out The New Adventures of Old Christine, but that Wednesday at 8 PM time slot isn't going to make that any easier.

-- Without a Trace moves to Tuesdays so it can dominate the 10 PM time slot there for a while. My hope is it'll eat into the SVU audience rather than the Eli Stone audience.

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