Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blogging the 2008 Upfronts, Day 2: The CW

Catching up...

The CW!


8PM: Gossip Girl

9PM: One Tree Hill


8PM: 90210

9PM: Surviving The Filthy Rich


8PM: America's Next Top Model

9PM: Stylista


8PM: Smallville

9PM: Supernatural


8PM: Everybody Hates Chris

8:30PM: The Game

9PM: America's Next Top Model (Encore)

-- Good job keeping Gossip Girl on Mondays and out of the Wednesday traffic jam. It'll stay paired up with the unsinkable One Tree Hill. No word yet on how many years in the future next season will be set in order to make things interesting.

-- Speaking of temporal displacement, this 90210 sequel/remake/reimagining is really driving me crazy. I figured once Rob Thomas bowed out as showrunner, I'd be safe to ignore it. But Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs from Freaks & Geeks stepped in, and then Jessica Walter got cast (and as a high-profile drunk, to boot), and the oddity of Jennie Garth returning to play Kelly Taylor (as a guidance counselor!), with Tori Spelling and Ian Ziering threatening to do the same...I may have to give this one a look. The fact is, 90210 is caught in a catch-22. If it's bad, it'll be run out of town on a rail, but if it's some kind of stealth great TV show, won't it seem like a betrayal of the original 90210 aesthetic?

-- It doesn't look like Surviving The Filthy Rich will be getting my business, however. Michael Cassidy will always have my greatest appreciation for being the only watchable thing about Hidden Palms (well, also Sharon Lawrence's roving southern accent), but when the only other cast member I recognize played that awful (awful!) little sister in Bionic Woman, I'm going to have no problem finding something else to watch. Plus, I can only really watch so many shows based on a series of teen novels before I start feeling bad about myself.

-- Stylista sounds a lot like America's Next Top Editorial Assistant and would have me really interested if it aired on any other network. So far, The CW's reality output has peaked with Farmer Wants A Wife.

-- Smallville (with new executive producers) and Supernatural will return to inspire slashfic for another year, and Reaper comes back at mid-season and I continue to decide whether I like it or not.

-- WWE Smackdown! looks like it's been canceled after, what, nine years? End of an era, even if I hadn't watched it in a good four years. Not sure how well the comedies will fare on Fridays, but I'm glad I won't have to wait until Sunday for my in-case-of-emergency Top Model rerun.

-- My understanding is that the CW has contracted out its Sunday programming, which I think means we'll end up with glorified English-language telenovelas like you get on MyNetworkTV. Nothing worth watching, I'm certain.

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Jeff Hansen said...

Smackdown is moving to MyNetworkTV; it got announced a few weeks ago.

I am so happy Reaper is coming back. It went from its pre-hiatus status of "pretty good, might as well watch it to see if it goes anywhere" to its post-hiatus of "hitting all cylinders, must watch TV". Big fan. Not such a big fan: Waiting til mid-season.