Friday, April 04, 2008

Several Unfocused Thoughts On Heidi Montag's Endorsement of John McCain

You know, it's like I can't even check out Us Weekly online anymore without hearing about this damned election. Headline: "Lauren Conrad: I Won't Endorse Any Politician"

And good for you, LC! Or, you know, LC's publicist, because...come on. But at least somebody is thinking that the presidential election is no place for Lauren Conrad to thrust her uninformed opinion. Hell, Teen Vogue is no place for Lauren Conrad to thrust her uninformed opinion, which is why they never give her anything to do.

But does it surprise me that Heidi Montag thought we'd all like to know who she's endorsing for president? Not a bit. Nor does it surprise me that she'd "endorse" McCain. She totally would. And if you asked her why, my guess is she's turn to Spencer, look confused, look contemplative, turn once more to Spencer, tip her head to the side, and say, "The troops."

In truth, I kind of feel bad for McCain. One, because it's probably the worst endorsement you can get this side of Elliott Spitzer. And two, because every time he tries to comment on it, his remarks show up in print and look terrible. "I'm honored to have Heidi's support and I want to assure her that I never miss an episode of The Hills, especially since the new season started." I mean, clearly that was said with his tongue-in-cheek, right? Clearly when he says "She's a very talented actress," he's trying to make a bit of a joke. But the whole thing just serves to make him look so old.

It also makes him look like a liar, because if he "never misses an episode," there is no way he'd be honored to have Heidi's support. So which one is it, Senator? Are you honored to have her support or do you really watch the show? (Barack or Hillary, whoever ends up winning the nomination, feel free to use that one in the debates. Really hammer him on it. Then make sure the American public knows you like Lo the best.)

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