Wednesday, April 30, 2008

'Round Springfield

So the Costas Now free-for-all has been the subject for a lot of blogs today (and as I watch it right now, I'm finding it maddening and gross beyond just the monstrously unfair segment about sports bloggers), and before I devolve into Buzz-Bissinger-like spittle-throwing, check out the reactions on Deadspin, Fire Joe Morgan, and Alan Sepinwall's blog. The only thing I will say is that Bob Costas has probably worn out my last nerve at this point. He's passed into unredeemable now.

CHUD's Devin Faraci grumpily passes on the news of the "Wolverine's an emo pussy" bent in the upcoming X-Men spinoff. Now, I love C.H.U.D., and I like Devin's writing a lot, but I will have to renew my call for the permanent retirement of the word "emo." For, like, ever. It's time.

Finally, Tara offers my absolute #1 favorite celebrity sighting of all time. It's good enough to get me to promise to not give Maria Bello any more shit for the new Mummy movie. The best celebrity sighting I've gotten after almost a year in New York has been Tom Brokaw talking about walking his dogs. Not even actually walking the dogs, talking about it. So not fair.

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