Thursday, April 24, 2008

'Round Springfield

After Elton relays the news that the Emmys are adding a Best Reality Show Host category for this year. And while the predictable reality is that this will just end up in Jeff Probst. Ryan Seacrest, and Heidi Klum looking on as Phil Keoghan accepts his Emmy, it does leave me a smidgen of hope that at least Tyra's going to feel this sub and feel it hard.

Sarah gives her take on the post-Pennsylvania state of the Democratic nomination, and it's pretty much the only take on this issue I've been able to read in the last week without passing out. As was inevitable from the moment the Democrats decided to kick off campaigning with a full two years to the election, I have become entirely sick to death of this entire campaign. I'm sick of the Clinton campaign taking cheap shots at Obama. I'm sick of the Obama supporters clutching their pearls every time Hillary says something bad about him. The whole "elitism" thing really was the last straw, though. Anti-intellectualism is perhaps my biggest trigger in politics, and to see a Democrat engage in it like Hillary grossed me out for good.

You know, this'll teach me not to read CHUD for a couple weeks: they've embarked upon a massive feature project taking on the most over-appreciated movies that film geek culture has come to embrace. Awesome. I don't agree with all of them, not by a long shot, but yesterday's takedown of Cabin Fever was a pleasure, and they produced the definitive document on why Fight Club's loved for all the wrong reasons. Love it.

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