Monday, April 14, 2008

"Roll Up On NBC And Smack The Sh*t Out Jeff Zucka!"

So for whatever reason, I am loath to post Hulu clips here. Not sure why -- maybe some lingering loyalty to YouTube? That's probably it. Anyway, I'm making the rare exception today because Jason's post today on MNPP -- about an angry-phone-talking, heavily-eyelinered Natalie Portman -- very much made me think of her SNL appearance a couple years ago, and this digital short.

This just gets better every time I watch it. She'll kill your dog just for fun! So don't push her!


Jolie said...

I haven't seen a full episode of SNL in years. I am so sorry I missed Natalie. That video is a bajillion times better than any of the clips I saw of Ellen Page.

Oh and yeah...I too hate with the fire of a thousands suns and that video is also available via

secretmargo said...

I hate Hulu links because I don't live in America. Wah.

Though I've seen this one, and it is great.

Elwood said...

I wish they'd put out an uncensored version, like with Dick in a Box.

"Lady" Bea said...

That will never not be funny. Also? I love her hair. That's...probably not the point.